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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Handout

Video Notes

The Art and Science of Glass

  1. All of the colors of glass come from the country of ________________________.

  2. One color bar is melted down into a symmetrical ___________________.

  3. Mixing of colors is done while the glass is in the ________________ state.

  4. When the ______________________ is just right, the crew put in a 30-foot cane.

  5. Powell and his crew spend _____________ and ____________________ just chopping and making the glass into small beads.

  6. Stephen Rolfe Powell makes the ________________________ selections.

  7. The colors are laid out on ________________ plates.

  8. The team often works in the evening so they can ___________________________.

  9. ____________________ is important in glassblowing, because everyone depends on one another.

  10. Color pickup is the part where the ____________________ are laid on a piece of glass.

  11. During the last blowup, a drop of ___________________ falling on the glass could break it.

  12. Stephen Rolfe Powell says he shoots for a certain ______________________ of neck and lift.

  13. Stephen Rolfe Powell says he thinks his art is about ___________________.

  14. The finished piece reminds me of a ________________________.


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