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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Handout

Video Notes Teacher’s Guide

The Art and Science of Glass

  1. All of the colors of glass come from the country of Germany.

  2. One color bar is melted down into a symmetrical ball.

  3. Mixing of colors is done while the glass is in the molten state.

  4. When the heating is just right, the crew puts in a 30-foot cane.

  5. Powell and his crew spend hours and hours just chopping and cutting the glass into small beads.

  6. Stephen Rolfe Powell makes the color selections.

  7. The colors are laid out on steel plates.

  8. The team often works in the evening so they can see the colors.

  9. Teamwork is important in glassblowing, because everyone depends on one another.

  10. Color pickup is the part where the beads are laid on a piece of glass.

  11. During the last blowup, a drop of sweat falling on the glass could break it.

  12. Stephen Rolfe Powell says he shoots for a certain proportion of neck and lift.

  13. Stephen Rolfe Powell says he thinks his art is about beauty.

  14. The finished piece reminds me of ... [individual student answer].


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