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Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Handout

Discovering Science in Glass Art (for Students)

The Art and Science of Glass

Before viewing the video, answer the following research questions using text and/or online sources:

__________________ is a naturally occuring glass. It is a product of ______________ activity and was first used in the Stone Age. The material was used for spears and now in heart surgery because of its sharp points.

Glass is made from three substances. Here are the most common:

  • Pure silica has a melting point around ___________ degrees Celsius. The substance alone could be used to make glass, but two other substances are added to simplify the production.
  • Soda, sodium carbonate, or potash lowers the melting point to ___________ degrees C but makes the glass water-soluble.
  • Lime, calcium oxide, is added to restore ___________.

Read through the questions below before watching the video. While watching, explore the process of how glass art is created.

How does the process of making the glass creations begin?




What does the substance look like at the beginning?




How many times is the glass put into the fire? Keep a running total with tally marks.




Why is it necessary to work with glass in this molten state?




How does the use of fire at the end of the process differ from its use during the rest of the process?




What are the properties of glass that contribute to its function?







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