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Painting: Dionisio Ceballos



Painter Dionisio Ceballos was born in Mexico City and now lives in Louisville. In this segment, he discusses his thematic choices and creative process, his color and subject selections, and the connection he has found between his life’s spiritual and artistic journeys. He also relates some of the challenges he faced when he was invited to paint several reproductions of the work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo for the film Frida.

Suggested Uses:

  • Use in conjunction with a discussion of the purposes of art, comparing Ceballos’ purposes in creating his own work with the purpose of the work created for the film.
  • Show to spark a discussion about an artist’s methods and intentions as well as the creative process in general. Have students create art based on the video and your discussion.
  • Use in conjunction with a creative art activity from the “Making Art” section of the binder that uses the same medium (painting) or is based on the ideas and approaches of Dionisio Ceballos.
  • Pair with a profile of another painter to compare and contrast the techniques and methods different artists use in their approach to the same medium.
  • Use as part of a “careers in the arts” unit or as an introductory activity before an artist-in-residence visits your classroom.

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