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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Video Clips

Principles of Design



While visiting the University of Kentucky Art Museum, former KET humanities instructor Elizabeth Jewell uses several pieces of art from the museum’s collection to discuss the principles of design, including balance, proportion, emphasis, contrast, pattern, repetition, movement, rhythm, and unity. She shows how artists manipulate each of these principles to influence the viewer’s experience of a work of art and compares several works to show how different artists approach these principles.

Suggested Uses:

  • Show as an introduction to or review of the principles of design.
  • Use as a model of an instructional museum tour.
  • Show to engage students’ skills of analysis, using the principles of design to look at other artworks besides those used as examples.
  • Show to begin a discussion of the art appreciation process.
  • Use in conjunction with student analysis of the pieces found in the Kentucky Virtual Art Museum.
  • Show in connection with lessons about the creative process, especially those that concern design and composition.


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