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Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Video Clips

Weaving/Photography: Dobree Adams



In this profile, recorded at her farm along the Kentucky River, Dobree Adams describes the age-old process she follows to create her contemporary tapestries and rugs: raising a rare breed of sheep; shearing their wool; and spinning, dyeing, and weaving colorful yarns into vivid compositions inspired by her surroundings and the entire process. She also talks about her transition from careers in physics and computer programming to her life of working on a farm, weaving, and making photographs. Her pictures, she says, reveal the symbiotic connection of the elements, which “are always talking.”

Suggested Uses:

  • Use in conjunction with profiles of other artists who take a traditional art form and transform it into contemporary work. Ask students to think about what artists working in such diverse media as iron (“Forge: Ironhorse Forge” on Spectrum of Art), stone (“Stone: Russell Dawson” on Spectrum of Art), and wood (the Truman Lowe segments on Visual Arts and Culture) might have in common with Adams.
  • Show along with profiles of photographers Uwe Ommer and Tom Myers (both on the Spectrum of Art DVD). Discuss the purposes of photography exemplified by their different approaches to the medium.
  • Use in conjunction with an art activity from the “Making Art” section of the binder that uses the same medium or is based on the ideas and approaches of Dobree Adams.
  • Show before a “sheep to shawl” demonstration you arrange—either an in-school artist’s demonstration or a field trip to a site that showcases such demonstrations.

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