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Arts Toolkit

Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Video Clips

For Young Artists: The Dreamcatcher



Susan Mullins Kwaronhia:wi is a Mohawk from the Kahnawake reserve in Canada who now lives in Berea, KY. She learned the traditional songs, stories, dances, and crafts of her people from her elders. The dreamcatcher originated with the Ojibwe, but has been adopted by many other nations. In this video segment, Mullins shows her grandchildren how to create a dreamcatcher as part of her mission to keep her heritage alive. This video was produced with a primary-level audience in mind.

Suggested Uses:

  • Use to help students better understand and appreciate Native American cultures.
  • Show to inspire students to create dreamcatchers.
  • Show with the other “For Young Artists” segments and have students discuss what these cultures have in common and how they are different.
  • Use in conjunction with social studies and have students find the countries on the map and learn more about each country/culture. Ask students what they learn about people when they study their arts and cultures.


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