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Metal Fabrication: Garry Bibbs



Stainless steel is literally one of the hardest media in which to work. Aside from being difficult to weld, grind, and manipulate, it requires an arduous, time-consuming process to turn it into a sculpture. Garry Bibbs understands these “tougher” qualities of his chosen medium, but says that he’s drawn to the material because of its beautiful surface. Bibbs discusses his background (he comes from a family of builders); his role as director of the University of Kentucky graduate sculpture program; and his influences and inspirations, including music, the history of civil rights leaders, and religion.

Suggested Uses:

  • Use to spark a discussion about the artist’s methods and intentions as well as the creative process in general. Have students create art based on the video and your discussion.
  • Use in conjunction with a discussion of the purposes of art.
  • Compare and contrast the techniques and methods different artists use in their approach to the same medium (e.g., other metal sculptors such as Ed Hamilton on Through Artists’ Eyes). Or compare and contrast how different media require different techniques and approaches (e.g., comparing artists who work in metal with artists who work in wood or glass).
  • Use as part of a “careers in the arts” unit or as an introductory activity before an artist-in-residence visits your classroom.

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