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African Masks



Artist Maude Alexander shows some of the African masks in her collection and talks about the functional and aesthetic attributes of African masks. She then introduces students to Kente International, a store in Louisville that specializes in the arts, crafts, and clothing of Africa, including an extensive collection of masks.

Suggested Uses:

  • Use to help students better understand and appreciate the cultural significance of masks in Africa.
  • Show to inspire students to create masks. (See the “Ancestor Masks” segment on the Spectrum of Art DVD and the “Making Art” section of the binder for instructions and demonstrations.)
  • Show with the “For Young Artists” segments and have students discuss what these cultures have in common and how they are different. Ask students what they learn about people when they study their arts and cultures.
  • Use in conjunction with social studies lessons that focus on Africa and the many cultural traditions of African nations. Have students find countries on a map and research the cultural attributes of each place.

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