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Photography: Uwe Ommer



Photographer Uwe Ommer tells the story behind his international photography project, 1000 Families: Family Album of Planet Earth, exhibited in fall 2004 at the Speed Art Museum. It took four years and 180,000 miles of traveling around the globe to complete. This exhibit shows a range of different families from various cultural backgrounds, connecting them in the presentation while emphasizing the central idea of “family.”

Suggested Uses:

  • Use to spark a discussion about the artist’s methods and intentions as well as the creative process in general. Have students create art based on the video and your discussion.
  • Use in conjunction with a discussion of the purposes of art. Discuss the idea behind the 1,000 Families exhibition.
  • Compare and contrast Ommer’s approach to photography with those of other photographers such as Tom Myers (from the “Photography” segment on Spectrum of Art) and Dobree Adams (from the “Weaving/Photography” segment on Through Artists’ Eyes). Extend the comparison by discussing photographs found on the Kentucky Virtual Art Museum CD-ROM.
  • Use as part of a “careers in the arts” unit or as an introductory activity before an artist-in-residence visits your classroom.

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