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Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Video Clips

The Art of Craft: Rude Osolnik



Master woodturner and college instructor Rude Osolnik of Berea is internationally recognized for his candleholders and bowls. In this profile, he describes the origin and development of his candleholder design and demonstrates the techniques he uses to create each piece. He maintains that what makes a good craftsman is essentially the same thing that makes a good artist: control of the materials using a good technique to produce a well designed and crafted work of art.

Suggested Uses:

  • Use to spark a discussion about artists’ methods and intentions.
  • Pair with the “Artist’s Point of View (Part 2)” segment to initiate a discussion about the definitions of art, craft, and folk art. Have students discuss the importance of craftsmanship.
  • Show with a profile of another artist working in wood (e.g., LaVon Williams from Through Artists’ Eyes) to discuss the qualities of both artists and their attitudes toward the medium.
  • Use in conjunction with student analysis of the Rude Osolnik works found in the Kentucky Virtual Art Museum.


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