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Arts Toolkit: Visual Arts Video Clips

Shaving Grace



Using the best chair-making traditions, from the location and selection of wood to the design and production of the chair, Berea, KY craftsman Brian Boggs creates works of art that also serve a specific purpose. This segment explores the painstaking process Boggs employs in making his chairs, from going into the forest to select timber to the final staining of the chair. This excerpt demonstrates the art of “fine craftsmanship.”

Suggested Uses:

  • Show to spark a discussion of the purposes of art. Ask students to think of any objects in their homes or in the classroom that might be examples of traditional art, such as a quilt, a piece of furniture, something from the kitchen, a tool, etc.
  • Use in conjunction with the “Art of Craft: Rude Osolnik” segment on Responding to Art to initiate a discussion about the definitions of art and craft. Ask students to define craftsmanship and discuss its importance.
  • Use in conjunction with articles on folk life and folk art in the “Visual Art and Culture” section of the binder. Have students discuss the folk traditions illustrated in the video. What do the folk traditions of a family/culture reveal about the people and their history?
  • Use to encourage students to think about the folk traditions that might exist within their own families’ histories. Do students have family members who practice traditional art forms?

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