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Printmaking: Stephanie Potter



Stephanie Potter, a printmaker from Frankfort, KY, demonstrates her creative process. Starting with a general idea, she creates a basic design and sketch, then cuts an image into the wood or linoleum she has prepared with ink. Potter works primarily with black ink on solid surfaces, hoping to make a striking connection with the viewer through stark imagery and style. Her subject matter comes from everyday life, she says, as she shows numerous examples of her prints.

Suggested Uses:

  • Pair with the “Printmaking: Derrick Riley” profile on the Spectrum of Art DVD to compare and contrast the techniques, methods, and subject matter different artists use in their approach to the same medium.
  • In a video production class, compare the different documentation styles employed by the producers of the two printmaking segments (on Potter and Derrick Riley). Ask students to discuss why each producer might have taken the approach he did (e.g., does the documentary approach suit the subject matter?).
  • Use as an exercise in analyzing the use of the elements of art and principles of design. Ask students to pay particular attention to negative and positive space.
  • Use in conjunction with a creative art activity from the “Making Art” section of the binder that uses the same medium (printmaking) or is based on the ideas and approaches of Stephanie Potter.
  • Use as part of a “careers in the arts” unit. Ask students to think about possible careers for students who major in printmaking.

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