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Contemporary Native American Artist



Truman Lowe, a contemporary Native American sculptor working primarily with wood and other materials gathered from the existing landscape, describes the influence of his own heritage on his work, from the themes he regularly examines to the materials he chooses. The power of memory, the use of natural imagery and materials, and his own vision of the landscape imbue Lowe’s creations with a spiritual quality that recalls the world of his ancestors.

Suggested Uses:

  • Use to explore student perceptions about Native American art. Ask them what images come to mind when they hear the term “Native American arts.” Do they think of traditional crafts? How does Truman Lowe’s work make them reevaluate their perceptions?
  • Show to spark a discussion about the artist’s methods and intentions. Ask students to analyze how Lowe’s work reflects family traditions as well as the themes and images he discusses in the segment.
  • Show to inspire students to create works of art that reflect a sense of place, especially a place that is meaningful to them.
  • Use to encourage students to explore traditional arts or crafts handed down in their families or in groups with which they are associated (e.g., church, Scouting, cultural). Have them create contemporary versions of traditional arts/crafts.

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