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Art to Heart

Children's First Language baby

In the Program

  • Parents, babies, and toddlers share books, songs, and movement activities-for fun and as a foundation for learning-in a Baby Artsplay class at Wolf Trap Foundation's Center for Education in Vienna, VA.
    Ideas to use »
  • Teachers and artists offer reasons why the arts are important.
    Key points »
  • Infants "paint" at the East Tennessee University Study Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Learning and Development, and educators at the center explain why this type of activity is developmentally appropriate.
    About the activity and the center »
  • Cyndi Young, an art teacher, and her daughter, Georgia, trace each other and do other arts activities at home in Louisville.
    Activity suggestions »
  • Young students in Daviess County, KY take keyboarding classes. Superintendent Stu Silberman tells why the school system increased arts activities in an effort to enhance learning and raise test scores.
    Daviess County's research-based approach »
  • Parents and children have fun together at the kid-friendly Art Sparks gallery at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville.
    Art Sparks and other museum activities for families »
  • Howard Gardner of Harvard University discusses his theory of multiple intelligences-the idea that there are many types of intelligence, not just the verbal and mathematical intelligences stressed in most schools.
    The multiple intelligences »