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Art to Heart

Why Is Music Important?

“Art is a natural expression of everything that is good, everything that is hopeful, everything that is beautiful about the human experience. Also, art is a great social developer. Getting together for games or dances—experiences like that really help us to learn cooperation.”

Martha Glaze Zook, preschool music teacher, Settlement Music School

“Songs and music help people learn about themselves and learn about the world.”

Victor Cockburn, artist-in-residence

“All art really, but music specifically, binds us all together; it gives us a commonality. And it’s never too young to learn that, or to experience that, or to share that. Music is also a way that children can express themselves. The more avenues we have for these expressions at an earlier age, the better we are able, as we grow up, to communicate with people, to make the world a better place.”

Victor Cockburn, artist-in-residence

“I think it is important to make music available to young children, particularly now, because the schools focus a lot on the test scores and academics—and I think anything that really enhances the learning and retention and the other academic skills, is highly beneficial.”

Greta Gillmeister, music therapist

“Anybody I’d had that was taking an instrument, I could see that their attention span was better, their comprehension was better, they were better critical thinkers and better listeners.”

Keith Cook, professional violinist and music teacher, West Louisville Talent Education Center

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