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Art to Heart

Program 4: Movement and Dance

In the Program

  • A dancer from the Center of Creative Arts teaches 1st graders at Adams Elementary in St. Louis the Jansa, a traditional dance from Mali.
    About community arts partnerships »
  • Educators discuss the benefits of dance and movement activities.
    Key points »
  • New Hampshire movement specialist Rae Pica teaches basic movement to a group of preschoolers.
    More about movement basics »
  • Parents and toddlers have fun together at the Music and Motion class at the Center of Creative Arts in St. Louis.
    Movement and lap games »
  • “Ballet Babies” learn the stories of classical ballets and begin to explore the basic movements of the style.
    More about ballet »
  • Educator and parent Jennifer Rose discusses traditional dance as a community activity for all ages.
    Ideas for parents »
  • Youngsters learn the Mexican Hat Dance and explore creative movement at Philadelphia’s Settlement Music School.
    More about cultural dance »
  • Audra White gives inner-city youngsters in Louisville a variety of movement experiences, from walking with self-confidence to modern dance.
    More about modern dance »