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Art to Heart

Program 6: The Artful Environment

In the Program

  • Students at the Key Learning Community in Indianapolis take ukulele lessons and explore their own interests in “flow” classrooms. This school was founded to put Howard Gardner’s ideas about multiple intelligences into action.
    The Key approach »
  • Educators discuss what kind of environment facilitates creativity and learning in young children.
    Key points »
  • Reggio Emilia educators discuss why materials and surroundings are considered the “third teacher” (after teachers and parents) in the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education.
    About Reggio Emilia »
  • Artist Dionisio Ceballos and daughter Emilia draw each other at home.
    Doing art at home »
  • Children and their parents enjoy a variety of activities at two museums created just for young people: Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.
    About children’s museums »