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Art to Heart

Arts Every Day

In the Program

  • Teachers at Gateway Association Child Development Center in Anderson, Indiana use the arts to foster development and learning in preschoolers with a wide range of abilities, from those developing typically to those with learning delays and disabilities.
    The arts and inclusive learning »
  • Educators and parents discuss the importance of making the arts part of everyday life.
    Key points »
  • Artist Victor Sweatt and his daughter Victoria make projects together at home, and Sweatt explains why it’s so important to spend time with your child.
    Parent/child activities »
  • Country singer Dolly Parton discusses her Imagination Library, which provides a book a month to young children from birth through age 5. Pediatrician Barry Zuckerman discusses Reach Out and Read, which distributes books to young children through family physicians.
    About reading »
  • Preschoolers in Kentucky share stories and songs in English and Spanish at the Lexington Public library’s Bilingual Boogie Bees activity.
    About bilingual activities »
  • New Hampshire movement specialist Rae Pica discusses the “overscheduled child” and the importance of allowing time for “true play and joyful learning.”
    Defining true play »
  • Reading: A Primer for Parents »
    This how-to guide is full of advice from fellow parents on reading with and to children, making use of the resources available at your local library, and encouraging a lifelong love of books. It’s also available in a colorful six-page PDF version.