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“People get confused sometimes what learning is. In the first six months of life, learning isn’t about flashcards or curricular lessons. Learning is what comes out in the interaction between an adult and a child. It’s feelings. It’s seeing, hearing, interaction.”

Barry Zuckerman, M.D., professor of pediatrics, Boston University School of Medicine

“This is thought to be the first generation of children who will not outlive their parents because they’re living such sedentary lifestyles, because they’re watching TV more than they’re doing anything except sleeping. It’s frightening. Part of it is the TV, the computer, the video game. It’s tremendous competition for children’s time and attention. The other part is the overscheduling of children.”

Rae Pica, movement education consultant, Concord, New Hampshire

“Every child is the same in many ways. They want adults’ attention and they want to be with their parents. They want to participate, they want to do something new and creative. They want to experience joy. And it just doesn’t matter what color or race or language we speak—that’s the way kids are. And I think, deep down, that’s the way adults are, too. They just sometimes forget it.”

Amy Olsen, children’s librarian, Village Branch, Lexington (Kentucky) Free Public Library

“If there’s a hustle and bustle of everyday life that’s getting you down, things like that, I personally believe there’s nothing better than just slowing down and coloring with your child.”

Victor Sweatt, parent, Louisville

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