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Great Balls of Fire!

This four-part series features more than 130 interviews. Here are some sample video bites to whet your appetite.

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John WoodenJohn Wooden: Where Were You in ’75?
In 1975, UK’s Wildcats and U of L’s Cardinals came within a whisker (or a feather) of playing for the national championship. The spoilers were coaching legend John Wooden and his UCLA Bruins, who beat Louisville in an overtime semifinal that’s a classic in its own right. So is he sorry for breaking all those Kentucky hearts?

"King" Kelly Coleman“King” Kelly Coleman I: The Real Reason To Play Basketball
Kelly Coleman of the coal-mining town of Wayland became “King” Kelly, a true member of Kentucky’s basketball royalty, with his record-shattering exploits at both Wayland High and Kentucky Wesleyan. But he could equally well have been a superstar in the sport that was his first love: baseball. Why did he switch from the diamond to the hardwood?

"King" Kelly Coleman“King” Kelly Coleman II: Why Do We Care So Much?
If anyone has felt the “royal” treatment accorded to basketball stars in Kentucky, it’s “King” Kelly. Here, he returns the favor by paying tribute to the fans ... and ponders why it is that the sport means so much to so many people in the Bluegrass State.

Full list of interviewees*

Earl “Brother” Adkins
Warren Amburgey
Derek Anderson
Mitch Bailey
Heather Baker
Dale Barnstable
Ralph Beard
Norris Beckley
Tony Branch
Junior Bridgeman
Scoop Brown
Wiley Brown
Roger Burkman
Bill Busey
Jim Calhoun
Darel Carrier
Mike Casey
Wayne Chapman
Tom Chase
Chris Clayborne
King Kelly Coleman
Kristie Combs
Marcus Combs
Morton Combs
Valerie Owens Combs
E.A. Couch
Mary Taylor Cowles
Earl Cox
Johnny Cox
Tom Creamer
Howie Crittenden
Denny Crum
Bob Daniels
Bill Darragh
Bob Davis
Kenny Davis
Tony Delk
Dero Downing
Jerry Dunn
Heshimu Evans
Richie Farmer
Charles “Doodle” Floyd
Bob Fox
Jackie French
Lloyd “Pinkie” Gardner
Sharon Garland
Jack Givens
Clarence Glover
William Graham
Travis Grant
Bob Graves
Darrell Griffith
Geri Grigsby
Joe B. Hall
Reggie Hanson
Bill Harrell
Clem Haskins
Vernon Hatton
Jack and Helen Haury
John Haury
Basil Hayden
Bryce Hibbard
Lori Hines
Wade Houston
Bob Jenkins
Arthur “Dribble Drive” Johnson
Wah Wah Jones
Ashley Judd
Bill Keightley
Dave Kindred
Ron King
Tena Leahy
James Lee
Billy Ray Lickert
Kyle Macy
Robert Madison
Freddie Maggard
Bernadette Locke Mattox
Jim McDaniels
John McGill
Don Miller
Cameron Mills
Lucias Mitchell
Don Morris
Bob Mulcahy
Donna Murphy
Ian Naismith
Cotton Nash
C.M. Newton
Gail O’Bannon
Larry O’Bannon Jr.
Larry O’Bannon Sr.
John Oldham
Happy Osborne
Valerie Owens
Luster Oxley
Scott Padgett
Rick Pitino
Linville Puckett
Billy Reed
Jim Richards
Gene Rhodes
S.T. Roach
Herky Rupp
Evan Settle
Joyce Seymour
Irvine Shanks
Justin Sharpe
Ken Shields
Peggy Stanaland
Tubby Smith
W.J. Smith
Audrey Spivey
Mark Story
Louis Stout
Guy Strong
Jock Sutherland
Mike Tarry
Newton Thomas
Arnold Thurman
Barney Thweat
Jan Trosper
Bobby Turner
Charlie Tyra
Robbie Valentine
Marianne Walker
Steve Ward
Bobby Washington
John Wooden
Sean Woods
Humzey Yessin

*Refers to televised version.

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