Be Well Kentucky!

The Heroin Epidemic: Kentucky Fights Back

Health three60 logoHeroin use is skyrocketing in certain areas of Kentucky. On the latest edition of Health Three60, Renee Shaw and guests share how concerned communities are coming together to save lives, expand treatment options, and prevent others from falling into the grip of this dangerous drug. Watch HealthThree60: The Heroin Epidemic

Get Answers About Health Insurance

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kynect Kentucky Health Now What do you need to know about Kynect? Get answers about shopping for health insurance through Kynect by watching KET's Affordable Health Care Act Enrollment, first broadcast on Oct. 7, 2013.

Only through kynect can you qualify for help in paying your insurance costs, based on income. The 2015 Open Enrollment period begins November 15, 2014. You may still apply for 2014 coverage if you have certain life events that involve a change in your family or loss of other health coverage. You may also apply for Medicaid at this time.

For more information, see or call 1-855-4kynect (459-6328).

Get the Facts About Ebola, Enterovirus 68

How much of a threat is Ebola to our nation and state? And how concerned should we be about the respiratory disease Enterovirus 68? On Connections with Renee Shaw, we meet epidemiologist Dr. Kristina Bryant and Dr. Charles Woods of the University of Louisville, who answer questions about infectious diseases. Watch Connections | Read More

Well Fed: Nourishing Our Children for a Lifetime

In a society filled with fast food and salty, sugary treats, what does it mean to be well fed? KET explores childhood nutrition—including breastfeeding, family meals, and school lunches—in Well Fed: Nourishing Our Children for a Lifetime. The program also spotlights the growing movement to provide communities with access to fresh fruits and vegetables and locally produced foods.

More than child's play logo

Getting Active With Your Kids

KET takes a fresh look at the causes and remedies for high rates of childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles in "More Than Child's Play: Why Physical Activity Matters." The hour-long program highlights programs at schools, in communities and in families that offer novel ways of increasing the opportunities available for physical activities and encouraging kids to get more active. Visit the 'More Than Child's Play' website to watch the program and get inspired by stories from around Kentucky.

Kentucky's High Rate of Premature Births

Born Too Soon LogoThis special presentation delves into the issue of preterm birth in Kentucky and its devastating effects. Visit the program Web site to watch the video online.

Journey Into Wellbeing

Health explorer and Lexington native Debra Koerner travels the Bluegrass state and uncovers creative wellness initiatives across the Commonwealth in Journey Into Wellbeing. Kentucky's top wellness pros share their tips. Traditional and rich southern recipes are given healthful makeovers. Debra gets an integrative medical assessment. Watch the Program

Remaking Rural Health

Remaking Rural HealthKentuckians suffer from chronic poor health, particularly in our rural areas. Because of alarmingly high rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes, Kentuckians also die younger than people in most other states.

Remaking Rural Health: A KET Special Report explores how advocates across the state are making innovative changes to deliver the health care that rural citizens need.

Watch Video: Remaking Rural Health: A KET Special Report

Making Strides in Fight Against Colon Cancer

Catching a Killer, Preventing Colon Cancer in Kentucky Kentucky leads the nation in colon cancer deaths. Each year, about 2,500 Kentuckians are stricken with colon cancer and more than 800 die, according to the Colon Cancer Prevention Project. Follow the stories of three Kentuckians who have faced the life-threatening disease and learn from a panel of experts about life-saving screening in Preventing Colon Cancer in Kentucky: Catching a Killer.

Fixing KY's smiles logo

Good News About Dental Care

KET's Fixing Kentucky's Smile looks at promising outreach programs and surprising new advances in oral health care that are giving Kentuckians a reason to smile. Visit the program Web page to watch the program online.

Amy's Story Logo

Violence in the Home

Telling Amy's Story, Changing Kentucky's Story sheds light on the issue of domestic violence. The documentary about the murder of a Pennsylvania woman is followed by a KET panel discussion.

before it's too late logo

Saving Our Teenagers

Family members impacted by teen suicide share their stories and experts provide advice for those who fear a teen they know may be at risk in Before It's Too Late: Preventing Teen Suicide. This 2010 KET production, intended for adult audiences, explores cyberbullying, depression, the warning signs of suicide, and legislation designed to prevent teen suicide. Learn more »

Gray Matters logo

Coping with Brain Injuries

A KET special examines the major causes of brain injury in Kentucky and looks at the Kentucky resources available to help families. Watch the Program