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Storming Heaven
by Denise Giardina
This is the gripping story of a real conflict.... Denise Giardina tells the miners’ stirring story with a fierceness and passion. This is a fine, moving book.
—Annie Dillard

Four strong, entirely different voices evoke the passion and pain of unionizing the coal mines of Kentucky and West Virginia in the early 20th century.... This is a memorable, beautifully written novel.... Giardina has written one of those rare books that portrays a small world with impeccable clarity while telling an exciting story in vigorous, elegant prose.

—Publishers Weekly

This is no propaganda novel. Its finest ambitions are artistic, and it is hard to see that it has any political aims at all except the ancient and honorable one of discovering injustice and holding it up to the pitiless witness of history.... Its artistic ambitions are beautifully vindicated.

—Los Angeles Times Book Review

In a powerful political novel based on a true incident, author Giardina never loses sight of the basics—wonderful characters, a gripping story line, and authentic locales and dialogue.... A sweeping, riveting story of radical politics and corporate greed.


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