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The Memory of Old Jack
by Wendell Berry
book coverThis is the inspiring chronicle of a man who has spent a lifetime close to the land. Jack Beechum is a retired farmer of 92, living out his final years in a small Kentucky River town. On a radiant day in September 1952 he reviews his long, rich history, which goes back to the Civil War. We see him as a boy, husband, father, lover, farmer, and the revered community figure “Old Jack.” At the end of his life, he is both a man of memories and a memorable man. Through his portrait of this exemplary human being, Wendell Berry hauntingly commemorates the values that America has lost and must regain.

—from back cover,
Harbrace 1975 paperback

book cover“Old Jack” Beechum, a retired farmer whose 92 years of life close to the land have been lived out in a small Kentucky River town and go back to the Civil War, recounts his life one radiant September day in 1952. In the retelling, novelist and poet Wendell Berry recreates Jack’s life as a boy, lover, husband, father, farmer, and revered community figure. As his memories gradually build our awareness, a hauntingly profound portrait of a truly memorable man emerges, commemorating values once taken for granted as American, which we are now seeking, as a people, to regain.

—from back cover,
Harvest Books 1985 paperback

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