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Passing for Black cover
March 1999
Passing for Black
The Life and Careers of Mae Street Kidd
by Wade Hall

Mae Street Kidd made a choice. Born in 1904 to a white father and a black mother, she could easily have passed as a white woman. Instead, she affirmed her African-American heritage and chose a path strewn with obstacles. And she overcame them all, becoming a successful businesswoman and then a member of the Kentucky General Assembly. There she led a campaign to right a historical wrong, helping to get the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the U.S. Constitution ratified by Kentucky—more than a century after they were passed by Congress. Kidd’s own plain-spoken words and fiercely independent spirit permeate this narrative biography by Wade Hall, a sort of edited oral history culled from interviews conducted in her Louisville home. The result is an inspirational story starring a truly unforgettable character.

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Wade Hall

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