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The Natural Man May1999 The Natural Man
by Ed McClanahan

Card catalog entry from the Library of Congress

Blurb from the publisher


Transcript of bookclub@ket program

Other writings by Ed:

KET's Living by Words features McClanahan and four other Kentucky writers who attended the University of Kentucky. The site includes an excerpt from the forthcoming sequel to The Natural Man, The Return of the Son of Needmore. You'll also find a timeline of all five writers' lives, a profile, and an interview.

Ed McClanahan
Ed McClanahan

Author website

Transcript of online chat with Ed McClanahan (6/3/1999)

SignatureLIVE!—Ed appeared on a live KET forum for students in April 1996.

From the teacher's guide for the KET Signature series (1995-97) profiling six Kentucky writers:
   Ed in His Own Words
   Writing Prompts

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