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The Dollmaker
by Harriette Arnow
Bibliographic Resources

Author: Haeja K. Chung
Title: Harriette Simpson Arnow’s authorial testimony: toward a reading of The Dollmaker.
Source: Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, Spring 1995, v36 n3, p211(13).
Abstract: Harriette Simpson Arnow imbued the main character of her novel The Dollmaker with a strength of character that would allow her to survive a transplantation from ideal living to the more demanding life in the city. Gertie is the mother of five children who must endure all the sufferings brought by their dislocation as well as the loss of her children. Arnow’s achievement is in showing a simple woman who could overcome suffering despite her inability to articulate her needs.
Subjects: American literature | Appalachian authors
People: Arnow, Harriette Simpson: Criticism, interpretation, etc.
Electronic Collection: A16990733
RN: A16990733

Author: Hobbs, Glenda
Title: A Portrait of the Artist as Mother: Harriette Arnow and The Dollmaker
Source: The Georgia Review 33, (1979): p. 851-66
Additional Info: Athens, GA
Standard No: ISSN: 0016-8386
Language: English
Subject(s) Descriptor: American literature: 1900-1999: Arnow, Harriette Louisa Simpson
Document Type: journal article
Entry: 19991130
Update: 197901
Accession No: 1979110612; MLA Sequence No: 1979-1-10612

Author: Hobbs, Glenda
Title: Harriette Arnow’s Kentucky Novels: Beyond Local Color
Source: In: Toth, Emily (ed.); 205 pp.;
Regionalism and the Female Imagination: A Collection of Essays;
Human Sciences, New York
Pagination: 83-92
Publisher: Human Sciences, New York
Year: 1985
Language: English
Subject(s) Descriptor: American literature | novel | of Appalachia | 1900-1999 | Arnow, Harriette Louisa Simpson | Mountain Path | Hunter’s Horn | The Dollmaker | relationship to regionalism | treatment of Kentucky
Document Type: book article
Update: Code: 198501
Accession No: 1985022544; MLA Sequence No: 1985-1-7626

Author: Walsh, Kathleen
Title: Free Will and Determinism in Harriette Arnow’s The Dollmaker
Source: South Atlantic Review 49, no. 4 (1984 Nov.): p. 91-106 Journal Code: SoAR
Additional Info: Atlanta, GA
Standard No: ISSN: 0277-335X
Language: English
Subject(s) Descriptor: American literature | novel | 1900-1999 | Arnow, Harriette Louisa Simpson | The Dollmaker | treatment of freedom | responsibility | of the individual
Document Type: journal article
Entry: 19991130
Update: 198401
Accession No: 1984080019; MLA Sequence No: 1984-1-8931

Source: The New York Times Book Review, April 27, 1986, p38, 3 col in.
Title: The dollmaker. (book reviews)
Subjects: Books—Reviews
People: Arnow, Harriette
Rev Grade: B
RN: A4218376
NOTE: Full content for this article includes illustration and portrait.

Source: Theology Today, July 1999, v56 i2, p235(10).
Title: King Coal, King Jesus, and moonshine: faith and life in Appalachian fiction.
Author: James Smylie
Abstract: The Appalachian region, its culture and religious life, have been the subject of a number of fictional works. These include The Circuit Rider (1873) by Edward Eggleston; The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains (1885) by Mary Murfree, writing under the pen name Charles Egbert Craddock; The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1908) by John Fox; The Needle’s Eye (1924) by Arthur Train; Storming Heaven (1987) by Denise Giardina; and The Dollmaker (1954) by Harriette Arnow, which was made into a TV movie.
Subjects: Appalachian Region—Portrayals, depictions, etc. Mountain whites (Southern States)—Portrayals, depictions, etc.
RN: A55279566

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