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May's Book
- by Nikky Finney

Welcome to Rice

You are about to enter the enchanting world of Nikky Finney and her inspiring celebration of African American tradition and culture--all through her mastery of the simple word. This is a powerful collection of remarkable taste, honesty and wisdom. Like the nourishing richness and purity of a grain of rice, every word satisfies--every phrase is a feast for the senses--every page makes you want more--Rice!

"These are poems of grace, beauty and integrity. Nikky is the griot, the warner woman, the poet rememberer who sings these shining songs to us lest we forget. She calls us to consider and value again the blessing found in community, the strong bonds of family and the transcendent and inexplicable ways of the spirit. Blessed be this woman and the power of her words."

Lorna Goodison

"Rice feeds readers who are hungry for the deep love and lyricism that imbues Black life. Nikky Finney is a writer who carries the traditions of her ancestors with the exquisite care they deserve. "

Evelyn C. White

"Her voice is stronger, clearer, and yet more gentle than ever. I essentially think a meal should consist of meat and potatoes. After reading Finney I find myself longing for the smell, the taste, the comfort of rice. "

Nikki Giovanni

"Be Warned: The collection is not simply a bowl of steamed 'Carolina Gold' rice. This pot is well seasoned, rice boiled in pot liquor from greens, tomatoes and okra--with a lovely edge of sweetness. "

Bernice Johnson Reagon

May we always resist what we know in our hearts to be wrong. May we do right and keep our word. May we know the fullness of plain rice and how simple and delicious a meal can be with plain words. This is the steel and downy of a true life.

Nikky Finney

griot - any of a class of musician-entertainers of western Africa whose performances include tribal histories and genealogies

warner - one who warns; gives notice to beforehand especially of danger or evil

lyricism - an intense personal quality expressive of feeling or emotion in an art (as poetry or music)

pot liquor - the liquid left in a pot after cooking something


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