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Aunt Jane of Kentucky June's Book Aunt Jane of Kentucky
by Eliza Calvert Hall

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How much piecin’ a quilt is like livin’ a life! You can give the same kind of pieces to two persons, and one will make a “nine-patch” and one’ll make a “wild goose chase,” and there will be two quilts made out of the same kind of pieces, and jest as different as they can be. And that is jest the way with livin’. The Lord sends us the pieces, but we cut them out and put ’em together pretty much to suit ourselves, and there’s a heap more in the cuttin’ out and the sewin’ than there is in the caliker [calico].

Eliza Calvert Hall
Aunt Jane of Kentucky

Eliza Calvert Hall Obenchain (1856-1935)

Eliza Calvert Hall

“One Way of Love”—a poem by Hall

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