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Come Back to the Farm
December 2002
Come Back to the Farm
by Jesse Stuart

Jesse Stuart was a versatile and prolific writer, producing nearly 500 short stories, a dozen novels and memoirs, and several collections of poetry. Child of a farm family from the Eastern Kentucky hills, he depicted his Appalachian neighbors in all their complexity, celebrating old-fashioned virtues, the farmer’s connection to the land, and the region’s native humor and rich storytelling tradition while keeping a wary eye on the social and economic changes coming to the mountains in the mid-20th century. Though he won both popular and critical acclaim and was in demand as a lecturer and teacher, he always returned to his beloved W-Hollow in Greenup County. In fact, his success as a writer let him realize a childhood dream: The tenant farmer’s son ended up owning almost all the land in the hollow. It is now a state nature preserve.

Come Back to the Farm was the 11th of 16 collections of short stories published during Stuart’s lifetime.

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I take with me Kentucky embedded
    in my brain and heart,
In my flesh and bone and blood
Since I am of Kentucky
And Kentucky is part of me.
from Kentucky Is My Land

Jesse Stuart
Jesse Stuart
photo: Richard Nugent
Jesse Stuart Foundation

Video clips: Jesse Stuart profile and a visit to Jesse Stuart Nature Preserve from KET’s Kentucky Life [Windows Media® or RealPlayer®]

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