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October's Book
Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet
by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick

From the 2001 paperback edition (Riverhead Books):

“The most informative and enlightening book ever written about the seer.”
—K. Paul Johnson, author of Edgar Cayce in Context

“An engrossing narrative of this remarkable man.”
—Sylvia Browne, author of The Other Side and Back

“A painstaking account of Cayce’s life ... his story remains a fascinating one.”
—The Seattle Times

“Cayce, humble son of Kentucky tobacco farmers, single-handedly fathered the New Age movement, although he never intended to. Best known for his abilities as a psychic diagnostician, Cayce, with no medical background, would go to sleep and accurately describe illnesses, then prescribe holistic treatments, which, if followed, consistently yielded cures. Gleaning his knowledge from channeling, what he called the ‘Source,’ Cayce, the ‘sleeping prophet,’ also predicted both world wars; spoke on metaphysical topics such as reincarnation, Atlantis, and the life of Christ; and expounded ideas that proved to be years ahead of their time. Kirkpatrick, the only person allowed unrestricted access to all of Cayce’s personal writings, presents what every Cayce fan hungers for: a detailed and complete biography that reveals family secrets that were deemed too sensitive to include in earlier works, as well as the long-suppressed identities of the many famous people, from Woodrow Wilson to Thomas Edison, who benefited from Cayce’s readings. Kirkpatrick has lovingly renewed the Cayce legacy, bringing forth his spiritual messages of admonishment and hope, which are as significant today as they were in his lifetime.”
—David Siegfried, Booklist

“This engaging biography reads like a codex for the New Age.”
The New Yorker

“[A] book at once irresistible and (in all senses) incredible ... From letters, memoirs and recollections, Kirkpatrick assembles a chronicle of Cayce’s waking life that is far richer than anything previously available. The somewhat mythologized account offered by earlier biographies is not so much demolished as filled in with details.”
—Scott McLemee, Newsday

“Mandatory reading.”
—The Denver Post

Sidney D. Kirkpatrick is the author of the New York Times bestseller A Cast of Killers and Lords of Sipan. An award-winning documentary filmmaker, he lives in Pasadena.

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