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Earth Bones
April 2003
Earth Bones
by Richard Taylor

Poet and bookstore owner Richard Taylor long ago left his lawyer days behind him, but his law-school training may deserve some of the credit for the observational skills and attention to detail and nuance that are evident in his writing. The poems in Earth Bones, published not long after Taylor and his wife moved to rural Franklin County to live closer to the land, find whole worlds of wonder in the ordinary actions of insects, cows, birds, and fish and ponder what becomes of the life force of a tree turned into furniture or felled in the name of development. Subtle and meticulously crafted, they invite the reader to look more closely—to consider nature, human nature, and the sometimes benevolent but often destructive interactions between them.

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     Travel begins
     where the traffic stops.

—from “Homespun”     

Richard Taylor

Richard and his wife, Lizz, own and operate Poor Richard’s Bookstore in Frankfort.

Video extra: A visit with Richard Taylor, from Program 615 of KET's Kentucky Life, was taped during Richard's term as Kentucky Poet Laureate, 1999-2000 [Windows Media® or RealPlayer®].

The Kentucky Humanities Council’s New Books for New Readers series includes Richard Taylor’s Three Kentucky Tragedies.

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