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March's Book
Hell and Ohio: Stories of Southern Appalachia
by Chris Holbrook

Stories in this collection:

  • Hell and Ohio
    A young man returns home from self-imposed exile to face a painful family reunion.

  • The Lost Dog
    The search for a missing dog leads a father and son to a neighbor’s farm ... and a turning point in their own relationship.

  • Unstable Ground
    An old man fumes but feels powerless to stop the personal and physical destruction going on next door.

  • Fire
    A boy growing up in a close, hard-working family gets a taste of some harsher realities.

  • First of the Month
    An ambitious truck driver gets the business opportunity he’s been looking for, but it comes with a lesson in human frailty.

  • Eminent Domain
    A family gathers one last time at the homeplace they are leaving behind.

  • As a Snare
    Relatives and neighbors exhort a young man to leave his life of partying behind and return to the church, and he finally decides he might as well give it a try.

  • Eulogy
    A young woman comes home to the mountains for her grandmother’s funeral after having been away in the city for years.

  • The Idea of It
    Chasing a romantic daydream of a life close to the land, a man and his family confront the reality of modern life in the hills where he was born.

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