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Horse of a Different Color cover May's Book
Horse of a Different Color
by Jim Squires

Upon hearing that a person they’ve just met is in any way connected with horse racing, most people will ask, “Ever won the Kentucky Derby?” Horse of a Different Color is a lively firsthand account by one of the select few who can actually reply that yes, as a matter of fact ... Within his first decade as a breeder of thoroughbreds, Jim Squires watched one of his babies win the biggest race of all when Monarchos captured the 2001 Run for the Roses in near-record time. The story of how that happened is both entertaining and eye-opening: an inside look at the economics, the personalities, and the politics of the racing game, where huge sums of money are gained or lost in the tick of a stopwatch and almost everyone is infected by the peculiar madness called Derby Fever. And it is told by a man who also happens to have the reporting and storytelling skills of a lifelong newspaperman—plus a wry bemusement at the twists and turns of fortune that put him, of all people, in the winner’s circle at Churchill Downs one glorious first Saturday in May.

Watch the program

Card catalog entry from the Library of Congress

Blurb from the book jacket information page

Barnes and Noble information page

Kentucky Derby official site

James D. Squires

Squires contributes to the New York Times Horse Racing blog, The Rail.

Video interview with bookclub host Bill Goodman, taped 4/28/03 at Jim’s Two Bucks Farm [requires RealPlayer®].

Video extras: A Two Bucks Family Album
Regal Band, Monarchos’ mom
Snake, his half-brother
Mares and 2003 foals
... and Al the Jack Russell

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