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November's Book
River of Earth
by James Still

Resources for Teachers

Together, the one-hour bookclub@ket special James Still’s Legacy and KET’s 1997 portrait of the writer, James Still’s River of Earth, are a great way to celebrate the legacy of one of Kentucky’s most influential writers and to introduce your students to his classic novel River of Earth.

The programs lend themselves to reading and writing instruction. In the area of reading, they encourage students to respond critically to and analyze River of Earth, in keeping with Academic Expectation 1.2. In writing, they provide students with models and ideas for writing fictional narratives and poetry, reflecting Academic Expectation 1.11.

Both programs are appropriate for high school students and carry unlimited taping rights for Kentucky schools. They are also available on videotape from KET.

Following are some additional classroom resources on James Still and River of Earth:

KET still has a limited number of copies of the teacher’s guide that accompanies the documentary James Still’s River of Earth, printed in two colors on parchment text. They are available free on a first come, first served basis. E-mail to request a copy. You may also download the guide in PDF format.

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