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Thomas D. Clark cover
February 2004
Thomas D. Clark of Kentucky:
An Uncommon Life in the Commonwealth
edited by John E. Kleber

Over the course of his distinguished career, Dr. Thomas D. Clark became, in the words of John Ed Pearce, “a symbol of what is meant by the term Kentuckian.” The Commonwealth’s historian laureate (a title created especially for him by the state legislature) was also its unofficial sage and oracle, a centenarian who spent most of that long lifetime digging deeper into Kentucky’s history than anyone else and using the wisdom gained there to advocate for a better future. Published in honor of its subject’s 100th birthday in July 2003, Thomas D. Clark of Kentucky is in the tradition of the Festschrift—a German term meaning “a celebration of writing”—in which colleagues and friends pay tribute to a scholar. Editor John E. Kleber recruited fellow historians, journalists, former students, and others to reflect on Clark as researcher and writer and as teacher and friend.

Born July 14, 1903, Dr. Clark died on June 28, 2005.

Card catalog entry from the Library of Congress

Blurbs from the book cover information page

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John E. Kleber

Thomas D. Clark of Kentucky contributors:
Nancy Disher Baird
Walter A. Baker
James Duane Bolin
Carol Crowe Carraco
Edward M. Coffman
Wm. Jerome Crouch
Leonard P. Curry
Carl N. Degler
William E. Ellis
Wade Hall
Mary Wilma Hargreaves
Lowell H. Harrison
James C. Klotter
William Marshall
John Ed Pearce
Charles P. Roland
Robert F. Sexton

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