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Garden in Kentucky cover
April 2006
A Garden in Kentucky
by Jane Gentry (Vance)

[part of the April 2006 bookclub Poetry Double Feature]

Contemplative, beautiful, and sometimes haunting, the language in A Garden in Kentucky is deeply rooted in place, mortality, and the capturing of moments. Jane Gentry’s words sing with grief, acceptance, and an acute awareness of life. These poems meditate on their subjects—the sounds of a cricket in an elevator shaft, the emotional act of leaving a daughter at college, a glimpse of two people kissing in an alleyway—in precise yet inventive language that creates an intense, heartfelt experience.

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Jane Gentry
Jane Gentry (Vance)

Video interview with bookclub host Bill Goodman (Windows Media® format; from March 2006)

Jane was a guest on our 2004 Christmas special, which featured the anthology A Kentucky Christmas.

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