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Simple Human Motion cover
April 2006
A Simple Human Motion
by Jeff Worley

[part of the April 2006 bookclub Poetry Double Feature]

Through the eyes of a gardener, backyard reader, and observer of nature, A Simple Human Motion examines the relationship between humans and the many small lives we encounter each day—those of insects, spiders, possums, and an assortment of other creatures. Rich imagery and accessible, often playful language help us feel the impact the narrator has on these various lives. Whether smashing a blackfly in a book of poetry or feeding a possum some spoiled cantaloupe, the poet is always intensely aware of the dramas going on all around him.

Watch the program (Windows Media® or RealPlayer® format)

About the publisher:
A Garden in Kentucky was published in 2000 by Larkspur Press, a limited-edition press operated by Gray Zeitz on his Owen County farm:
      Larkspur Press
      340 Sawdridge Creek West
      Monterey, KY 40359 information page

Jeff Worley
Jeff Worley

Video interview with bookclub host Bill Goodman (Windows Media® format; from March 2006)

Biography from Mid-List Press

A brief résumé

Profile and contact info from the University of Kentucky

Tapping the Wellspring of Language, an essay by Jeff Worley from the Palimpsest Review

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