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August 2006
Teasing Secrets from the Dead
by Emily Craig

From the covers of the 2004 paperback edition:

“Unflinching, compassionate, and beautifully written. I was hooked from page one.”
—Sue Grafton, author of R Is for Ricochet

Teasing Secrets from the Dead proves once again that truth is far more riveting than fiction. Emily Craig has written a powerful page-turner that brings intelligence, passion, and dignity to the difficult work of crime scene investigation.”
—Linda Fairstein, best-selling author of The Bone Vault

Teasing Secrets from the Dead is a front-lines story of forensic investigation at some of the most infamous crime scenes in recent history. Through her work, Craig has helped seek justice for thousands of murder victims, both famous and unknown, and now she provides an insider’s view of her role.

As a forensic anthropologist and one of the most respected “bone hunters” in the nation, Emily Craig is regularly called to investigations across the country. In Waco, Texas, she reconstructed cult leader David Koresh’s bullet-pierced skull with her own hands, proving that he had been shot to death before the infamous fire. She identified the owner of an unclaimed dismembered leg found at the site of the terrorist attack on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, thereby helping to convict terrorist Timothy McVeigh. She directed the night-shift triage at the World Trade Center’s body identification site, collaborating with forensic experts from all over the country to collect and identify hundreds of September 11 victims.

From the biggest news stories of our time to stranger-than-true local mysteries, here is an unforgettable collection of stories from a life spent teasing secrets from the dead.

Dr. Emily Craig holds a Ph.D. in forensic anthropology. She has been profiled on such shows as America’s Most Wanted, Cold Case Files, The New Detectives, Unsolved Mysteries, 48 Hours, Extra, and the History Channel.

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