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December 2006
Appalachian Home Cooking: History, Culture, and Recipes
by Mark F. Sohn

From apple stack cake to white sausage gravy, Appalachian Home Cooking by food historian and Pikeville College professor Mark Sohn will have your mouth watering as you read. First, a section entitled “Appalachian Foodways” traces the origins of various foods and traditions, following the history of Appalachian cooking from cast-iron Dutch ovens and home canning to the infiltration of fast food and mini-marts. Meanwhile, song lyrics and poems testify to the roles that cooking and certain foods played—and still play—in Appalachian culture. Then comes “Appalachian Food,” with more than 80 recipes for traditional breads, vegetables, sauces, main dishes, and desserts. And finally, like any good cook, Sohn tosses in a little something extra: a guide to various food festivals and events; a glossary of foods, terms, and expressions; and a list of mail-order sources for harder-to-find Appalachian foods and ingredients.

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