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On the Right Side cover
February 2006
On the Right Side of a Dream
by Sheila Williams

On the Right Side of a Dream returns us to the world of Paper Moon, Montana and the life of Juanita Lewis, the middle-aged woman in search of adventure whom author Sheila Williams introduced in Dancing on the Edge of the Roof (our October 2004 selection). As the sequel begins, Juanita is embarking on a road trip with her trucker friend, Peaches. The plan is to see the ocean and sip tequila in Mexico. But as Juanita herself tells us, “Plans are meant to be changed.” At a Los Angeles restaurant, she witnesses perfection on a dessert tray and decides to go to culinary school. Of course, complications set in, and this plan, too, faces some roadblocks. But Juanita takes them all on with heart and humor. She learns not to be afraid to take detours on the road to her dreams, discovering that each twist and turn holds a chance to learn something new. And as she takes on new challenges and plumbs new depths within herself—all while telling us the story in her own outspoken and often hilarious way—we witness the continuing growth of a rich character and delightful woman.

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Sheila Williams
Sheila Williams

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