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June 2006
Of Woods & Waters: A Kentucky Outdoors Reader
edited by Ron Ellis

Of Woods & Waters: A Kentucky Outdoors Reader, edited by Ron Ellis, contains a wealth of outdoors writing from more than 50 Kentucky authors. From thoughtful and informative essays to moving short stories and poetry, the anthology includes words that will appeal to every reader. Though the subjects of the individual pieces range from hunting and fishing to hiking and canoeing, they are held together by a common thread: the reverence and respect Kentuckians hold for the land and the creatures that inhabit it. Even as hunters and fishers take their quarry, the idea of taking only one’s fair share is emphasized many times over. Of Woods & Waters is not only a good introduction to many well-known authors and new talents in Kentucky, but also an informative tour of many parts of the state from a wildlife and sporting perspective.

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Blurbs from the book cover

Card catalog entry from the Library of Congress

Wild game recipes reprinted from Of Woods & Waters information page

Ron Ellis

Author's website

Video interview with bookclub host Bill Goodman (Windows Media® format; from May 2006)

Of Woods & Waters includes works by these authors previously featured on bookclub@ket:
Harriette Arnow
Wendell Berry
Harry M. Caudill
David Dick
Janice Holt Giles
James Baker Hall
Silas House
Barbara Kingsolver
George Ella Lyon
Bobbie Ann Mason
Jim Wayne Miller
James Still
Jesse Stuart
Joe Survant
Richard Taylor
Robert Penn Warren

In addition, Soc Clay was featured in Programs 1103 and 1116 of KET’s Kentucky Life.

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