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October 2006
Ghosts of Old Louisville
by David Dominé

Old Louisville, one of the largest Victorian neighborhoods in the United States, is more than just a collection of beautiful houses and gardens. According to many residents, it also boasts various ghosts and apparitions of all ages and temperaments. In his collection Ghosts of Old Louisville, David Dominé introduces some of them, including such characters as the Lady of the Stairs, who waits forever for her lost lover; a mischievous poltergeist named Lucy who inhabits Dominé's own home; and a playful little girl known as Rose who probably perished from tuberculosis. Whether you believe in otherworldly spirits or not, their tales provide absorbing and spooky reading—plus intriguing history about several specific Old Louisville locations and a fascinating glimpse of daily life around the turn of the 20th century.

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Reviews and articles:
Haunted Travels is the official guide to the neighborhood.

David Dominé

Dominé’s Ghosts of Old Louisville site includes information about tours of some of the featured locations.

Article about Dominé's ghost tours from the Louisville Ghost Hunters site (reprinted from the Courier-Journal)

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