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Allen, Dwight
Judge (May 2004 selection)

Arnow, Harriette
The Dollmaker (February 2000 selection)

Berry, Wendell
The Memory of Old Jack (January 1999 selection)
Nathan Coulter (November 2002 selection)

Bochen, Christine M., ed.
Thomas Merton: Essential Writings (December 2003 selection)

Braden, Anne
The Wall Between (September 2000 selection)

Brown, William Wells
Clotel, or, The President’s Daughter (February 2002 selection)

Campbell, Tracy
Short of the Glory (November 2000 selection)

Caudill, Harry
Slender Is the Thread (August 2001 selection)

Coomer, Joe
One Vacant Chair (March 2005 selection)

Craig, Emily
Teasing Secrets from the Dead (August 2006 selection)

Crunk, T.
Living in the Resurrection (April 2005 co-selection)

DeRosier, Linda Scott
Creeker: A Woman’s Journey (March 2001 selection)

Dick, David
The Scourges of Heaven (September 1999 selection)

Dominé, David
Ghosts of Old Louisville (October 2006 selection)

Dorris, Michael
A Yellow Raft in Blue Water (November 2005 selection)

Eckert, Allan
The Frontiersmen (May 2005 selection)

Edwards, Bob
Edward R. Murrow and the Birth of Broadcast Journalism (August 2005 selection)

Edwards, Kim
The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (January 2006 selection)
The Secrets of a Fire King (February 1999 selection)

Egerton, John
Southern Food: At Home, on the Road, in History (October 2003 selection)

Ellis, Normandi
Sorrowful Mysteries and Other Stories (December 2000 selection)

Ellis, Ron, ed.
Of Woods & Waters: A Kentucky Outdoors Reader (June 2006 selection)

Finney, Nikky
Rice (May 2000 selection)
The World Is Round (April 2005 co-selection)

Flood, Charles Bracelen
Grant and Sherman: The Friendship That Won the Civil War (July 2006 selection)

Gann, Kirby
The Barbarian Parade: Or, Pursuit of the Un-American Dream (July 2005 selection)

Gentry (Vance), Jane
A Garden in Kentucky (April 2006 selection)

Giardina, Denise
Storming Heaven (April 1999 selection)

Giles, Janice Holt
The Believers (September 2002 selection)

Grafton, Sue
‘O’ Is for Outlaw (October 2001 selection)

Griner, Paul
Collectors (August 2000 selection)

Grubbs, Morris Allen, ed.
Home and Beyond (March 2002 selection)

Guthrie, A.B., Jr.
The Way West (December 2005 selection)

Hall, Eliza Calvert
Aunt Jane of Kentucky (June 2001 selection)

Hall, James Baker
Yates Paul, His Grand Flights, His Tootings (February 2003 selection)

Hall, Wade
Passing for Black (March 1999 selection)

Harrison, Lowell H.
Lincoln of Kentucky (February 2001 selection)

Hightower, Lynn
No Good Deed (October 2000 selection)

Holbrook, Chris
Hell and Ohio: Stories of Southern Appalachia (March 2003 selection)

Holt Watson, Jo Anna
A Taste of the Sweet Apple (September 2005 selection)

hooks, bell
Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood (July 2003 selection)

House, Silas
Clay’s Quilt (August 2002 selection)
A Parchment of Leaves (November 2004 selection)

Hubbard, Harlan
Payne Hollow: Life on the Fringe of Society (June 2002 selection)

Johnson, Fenton
Scissors, Paper, Rock (June 1999 selection)
Keeping Faith: A Skeptic’s Journey (September 2004 selection)

Jones, Gayl
The Healing (October 1999 selection)

Kelly, Col. Arthur L.
BattleFire! (November 2001 selection)

Kingsolver, Barbara
The Bean Trees (May 2001 selection)
The Poisonwood Bible (June 2003 selection)

Kirkpatrick, Sidney D.
Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet (October 2002 selection)

Kleber, John E., ed.
Thomas D. Clark of Kentucky: An Uncommon Life in the Commonwealth (February 2004 selection)

Kleier, Glenn
The Last Day (January 2000 selection)

Lundy, Ronni
Shuck Beans, Stack Cakes, and Honest Fried Chicken (November 1999 selection)

Lyon, George Ella, ed.
A Kentucky Christmas (December 2004 selection)

Manning, Maurice
Lawrence Booth’s Book of Visions (April 2002 selection)

Mason, Bobbie Ann
Clear Springs (December 2001 selection)
Midnight Magic (July 1999 selection)

Mayhall, Jane
Sleeping Late on Judgment Day (April 2005 co-selection)

McClanahan, Ed
The Natural Man (May 1999 selection)

McCombs, Davis
Ultima Thule (April 2005 selection)

McElmurray, Karen Salyer
Strange Birds in the Tree of Heaven (June 2005 selection)

Merton, Thomas
Essential Writings (Christine M. Bochen, ed.) (December 2003 selection)

Miller, Jim Wayne
Newfound (June 2004 selection)

Miller, R.H.
Deaf Hearing Boy (March 2006 selection)

Naslund, Sena Jeter
Ahab’s Wife (July 2000 selection)
Four Spirits (January 2004 selection)

Norman, Gurney
Kinfolks (April 2000 selection)

Offutt, Chris
The Same River Twice (December 1999 selection)

Packer, ZZ
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere (March 2004 selection)

Payne, Johnny
Kentuckiana (July 2001 selection)

Porter, Joe Ashby
Touch Wood (February 2007 selection)

Pruett, Lynn
Ruby River (August 2003 selection)

Roberts, Elizabeth Madox
The Time of Man (June 2007 selection)

Rubio, Gwyn Hyman
Icy Sparks (June 2000 selection)

Sloan, Bob
Bearskin to Holly Fork: Stories from Appalachia (October 2005 selection)

Slone, Verna Mae
What My Heart Wants To Tell (January 2005 selection)

Snowdon, David
Aging with Grace (May 2002 selection)

Sohn, Mark
Appalachian Home Cooking: History, Culture, and Recipes (December 2006 selection)

Squires, Jim
Horse of a Different Color (May 2003 selection)

Stiles, Martha Bennett
Lonesome Road (May 2006 selection)

Still, James
River of Earth (November 2003 selection)

Stuart, Jesse
Come Back to the Farm (December 2002 selection)

Sullivan, Lucinda Dixon
It Was the Goodness of the Place (July 2004 selection)

Survant, Joe
Rafting Rise (April 2004 selection)

Tallant, Harold D.
Evil Necessity: Slavery and Political Culture in Antebellum Kentucky (February 2005 selection)

Taylor, Richard
Earth Bones (April 2003 selection)

Taylor-Hall, Mary Ann
Come and Go, Molly Snow (August 1999 selection)
How She Knows What She Knows About Yo-Yos (August 2004 selection)

Tevis, Walter
The Man Who Fell to Earth (January 2002 selection)

Thompson, Hunter S.
Hell’s Angels (July 2002 selection)

Walker, Frank X
Affrilachia (April 2001 selection)
Buffalo Dance: The Journey of York (April 2005 co-selection)

Walker, Marianne
When Cuba Conquered Kentucky (March 2000 selection)

Warren, Robert Penn
All the King’s Men (January 2001 selection)

Weisenburger, Steven
Modern Medea (January 2003 selection)

Wilkinson, Crystal
Blackberries, Blackberries (September 2001 selection)
Water Street (September 2003 selection)

Williams, Sheila
Dancing on the Edge of the Roof (October 2004 selection)
On the Right Side of a Dream (February 2006 selection)

Worley, Jeff
A Simple Human Motion (April 2006 selection)

See also: by title | by genre | by date of original broadcast

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