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The Bean Trees - Barbara Kingsolver

Looks like we really started something ...
9,739 people
counted themselves in
for this bookclub@ket project!

      They read Barbara Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees, formed discussion groups, and created exciting classroom projects. Some hosted viewing parties for friends, neighbors, colleagues, and students with a little help from our What If mini-grants. Find out more about who took part and what happened all over Kentucky in our calendar section, or read a summary of some highlights on the About the Project page.
      During our call-in with the author, Barbara Kingsolver shared a list of her own favorite books and authors. That list, along with the reader’s guide to The Bean Trees developed by KET, can now be found within the bookclub@ket pages for May 2001, when The Bean Trees was the featured selection.
      It was exciting, inspirational, and lots of fun. Thank you, Kentucky, for reading along!

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