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Companion site for Electronic Field Trip to White Hall State Historic Site, Home of Cassius M. Clay
KET Arts Home Page
Upcoming Arts Broadcasts

Series in this category:
America Rebuilds II: Return to Ground Zero
Building Big
Building Green
Built to Last
Country Spires Series
Design: e2
Expo—Magic of the White City
Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright's Buffalo
From the Ground Up Airs: 1/1, 1/5, 1/6, ...
Great Lodges of the National Parks
Historic Hotels of America
House with a History
Monumental Reflections
Our Vanishing Past
Prairie Churches
Saved from the Wrecking Ball
They Lived in Great Houses

Specials in this category:
10 Buildings That Changed America
Aboriginal Architecture—Living Architecture
America Rebuilds
America's Houses of Worship
Architect Michael Graves: A Grand Tour
Architect Robert A.M. Stern: Presence of the Past
The Art of Crystal Bridges Airs: 1/3
At Home with Rick Dees
Back from the Brink: Saving America's Cities by Design
Becoming Good Neighbors: Enriching America's Communities by Design
Benjamin Latrobe: America's First Architect
Block by Block: Reclaiming America's Neighborhoods by Design
Blueprint America: Road to the Future
Buffalo's Houses of Worship
The Church on Dauphine Street
Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio
Community Builder: The Life & Legacy of J.C. Nichols
Concert of Wills: Making the Getty Center
"Different By Design: Columbus, Indiana"
Divine Mission: San Xavier del Bac
Edward James: Builder of Dreams
Electronic Field Trip to White Hall State Historic Site, Home of Cassius M. Clay
First Person Singular: I.M. Pei
The Frank Lloyd Wright Way: Apprentice to Genius
Frank Lloyd Wright's Boynton House: The Next Hundred Years
Gallery: The National Museum of the American Indian
Greener Buildings, Bluer Skies
The Greenest Building
Independence Hall: Its History, Its Legacy.... Airs: 1/9, 12/9, 12/15
John Portman: A Life of Building
Las Misiones: The Missions of Texas
Lustron: The House America's Been Waiting For
Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City
Mary Jane Colter: House Made of Dawn
Olmsted and America's Urban Parks
Olmsted in Louisville Airs: 1/29, 12/30
Olmsted Legacy: Branch Brook Park
Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect
The Prairie Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright
Resonance House: Installation to Inhabitation Airs: 1/10
The Rural Studio
Sacred Spaces - The Architecture of Fay Jones
Saving Fallingwater
Saving Taliesin: Preserving the Legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright
Solar Decathlon Airs: 12/8
Uncommon Places: The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
Victorian Mansions of Old Louisville
W. L. Dow, Architect
Walter Burley Griffin: In His Own Right
White Elephant
Wisconsin Barns: Touchstones to the Past
Wright Again: Frank Lloyd Wright's Monona Terrace

Episodes in this category:
American Masters
  #1908 Sketches of Frank Gehry
  #2301 I.M. Pei: Building China Modern

American Visions
  #106 Streamlines and Breadlines

Ancient Civilizations
  #104 On the Town

Art History II: A Survey of the Western World
  #111 Italian Architecture

Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions
  #1102 Touring Ireland
  #1103 Burt Wolf's Family Vacation

  #171 Jasper Ward
  #317 Harley Fisk

The Celestial Empire
  #204 The History of Public Works in China

  #103 Los Valientes

Connecting with the Arts: A Teaching Practices Library, 6-8
  #104 Constructing a Community

Connections with Renee Shaw
  #635 Andrea James

Egg: The Arts Show
  #308 Gimme Shelter

The Face of Russia
  #101 The Face on the Firewood

  #2216 Sacred Ground

  #103 Architecture and Structural Engineering

Great Performances
  #2901 The Los Angeles Philharmonic Inaugurates Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization, an Empires Special
  #102 The Golden Age

Handyma'am with Beverly DeJulio
  #313 The Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright

Hermitage Masterpieces
  #101 The Museum's Majestic Architecture

History Detectives
  #102 Bonnie and Clyde/Al Ringling Theater/Sears Home
  #310 Leisureama Homes/Jim Thorpe Tickets/1667 Land Grant

Humanities Connections
  #203 Class Connections: Ancient Civilizations (Part 1)
  #205 Class Connections: Greece and Rome (Part 1)
  #206 Class Connections: Greece and Rome (Part 2)

The Humanities: A Content Course for Teachers

  #901 Skyscrapers

Ken Burns American Stories
  #102 Frank Lloyd Wright (Part 1)
  #103 Frank Lloyd Wright (Part 2)

Kentucky Life
  #506 A Kentucky Utopia/Frank Lloyd Wright House/Fay Jones Chapel
  #1614 Tebb's Bend/Hazel Green/Richard Levine/Invasives and Biodiversity
  #2002 The Ascent; Homeplace on Green River; Hemmer Hill Farm; Burkesville 12/10

Kentucky: Place and Spirit
  #104 Preservation

Land of the Dragon
  #502 There's a New World in Shanghai/Zhang's Logistics Company

Louisville Life
  #706 Louisville Clock/Bill Weyland/Shirley Willihnganz/River City Winery
  #807 Bourbon Barrel Furniture/The Root Cellar/Charles Cash - architect/Icelandic Horses 12/7, 12/8, 12/9, ...
  #808 Ten Buildings That Changed Louisville/MetroSafe/Kentucky Science Center/FAF Gallery 12/13, 12/14, 12/15, ...
  #809 The Custom Wig Company; Actors Theatre & the Ballet Building; Les Waters - Actors Theater of Louisville; Kosair Charities 12/20, 12/21, 12/22, ...
  #812 Appalatin; Jamey Aebersold; Loop Barber Shop; Susan Zepeda - Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky 1/10, 1/11, 1/12, ...
  #816 Bowman Field Terminal & The Levy Building; Frazier History Museum; Dan Gediman; and Almost Home
  #819 Louisville Water Tower & U.S. Marine Hospital; Clay & Cotton; Cary Stemle - Business First; Rivue
  #905 Forme Millinery; Lee Robinson Co.; Architect Stratton Hammon; Patrick Piuma - Urban Design Studio; Architectural Salvage
  #20409 Louisville's Great Skyscrapers
  #30426 The Historic Louisville Memorial Auditorium
  #30518 Et Cetera: William Culbertson Mansion State Historic Sight
  #40414 Protecting History, Being Green Are Goals of Preservation Louisville

Martin Yan's China
  #109 Cantonese Heritage

The Middle Ages
  #102 The Castle

  #2611 Fall of the Leaning Tower
  #3311 Building on Ground Zero
  #3711 Building the Great Cathedrals 12/24, 12/25, 12/26, ...

Odysseys & Ovations
  #202 Thailand
  #209 Akron, Ohio

One to One with Bill Goodman
  #921 Stephen Chung 12/16

  #912 Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision

The Power of Ideas
  #313 Revolution in Architectural Design

Real Simple

Scully (The World Show)
  #1305 James Youck

Spain ... On the Road Again
  #104 Landmarks, Legends, and the Lap of Luxury

Treasures of the World
  #103 Taj Mahal: Memorial to Love/Borobudur: Pathway to Enlightenment

Yo-Yo Ma: Inspired by Bach
  #103 The Music Garden/The Sound of the Carceri

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