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Web sites in this category:
Companion site for bookclub@ket
KET Arts Home Page
Literacy Without Limits: Help for the Struggling Student
Companion site for Living by Words
Companion site for Making News Quiz
Companion site for SignatureLIVE!
Upcoming Arts Broadcasts
What If All Kentucky Reads the Same Book?

Series in this category:
Achieving a Balanced Reading and Writing Program
American Passages: A Literary Survey
Artifacts & Fiction: Workshops In American Literature
Assessing Primary Readers
Authentic Publishing
Authors & Critics
Baxter Black and Friends
Between the Lines
Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick Airs: 1/2, 1/6, 1/9, ...
Beyond the Page
Black Writers in America
bookclub@ket Airs: 1/4, 1/8, 1/11, ...
Broadcast News Writing
A Child's Bookshelf: Inside Children's Literature
Conversations in Literature
Creating Stories and Music
Designing and Managing a Balanced Literacy Program
Developing Writers: A Workshop for High School Teachers
Do You Speak American?
Engaging with Literature: A Video Library, Grades 3-5
Engaging with Literature: A Workshop for Teachers, Grades 3-5
English Composition: Writing for an Audience
Erma Bombeck: Legacy of Laughter
The Everlasting Stream Airs: 1/12, 1/24, 11/27, ...
Everyday Voices: Adult Writer's Workshop
The Expanding Canon: Teaching About Multicultural Literature In High School
Fostering Early Literacy
From Curandera to Chupacabra: The Stories of Rudolfo Anaya
Grammar Basics: The Harold Syntax Guide
Great American Authors: 1650 to Present
History of American Literature
How To Improve the Quality of Writing Conferences
I'll Make Me a World
In Search of the Novel
In Search of Shakespeare
Inside the Handy Writers' Colony
Inside Writing Communities, Grades 3-5
Introduction to Parts of Speech
Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers
The Language of Life with Bill Moyers
The Linguists
Literary Visions
Living Literature: The Classics and You
Making Meaning in Literature: A Video Library, Grades 6-8
Making Meaning in Literature: A Workshop for Teachers, Grades 6-8
Mark Twain
Maynard Dixon: To the Desert Again
Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure
More Books from Cover-to-Cover
News Writing
Novel Reflections on the American Dream
The Perfect Series
Poetry Live(s)
Primary Writing
Read On: Cover to Cover
The Reading Club
Reading Rainbow
Reading Room: The Kentucky Bluegrass Awards
RIF Exchange Programs
Rockwell Kent
Rumi Returning
Salinger: American Masters
Shakespeare Shorts
Shakespeare Uncovered Airs: 1/30, 1/31
The Short Story
Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton
Sounds of Poetry with Bill Moyers
Student Lessons in Revision with Barry Lane
Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle
Teaching Multicultural Literature: A Workshop for the Middle Grades
Teaching Reading 3-5 Workshop
Teaching Reading K-2 Workshop
Ted Kooser's Poetic World
Tell About the South: Voices in Black and White—The History of Modern Southern Literature
Telling Tales Airs: 1/8, 1/9, 1/12, ...
Three Big Ideas: Principles for Post-Recession Success
Voices & Visions Old
Well Read Airs: 1/5, 1/6, 1/12, ...
Write Ideas
Write in the Middle: A Workshop for Middle School Teachers
Writer to Writer
Writing Code
Zora's Roots

Specials in this category:
African and African-American Folktales
Art of the Wild
At the Forks of Troublesome
Bah! Humbug!
Barbara Kingsolver Talks with Kentucky
BestSellers: Three Southern Writers
The Call of Story: An American Renaissance
Celebrating the Complete Jane Austen
Coal Black Voices
Dangerous Edge: A Life of Graham Greene
Darkness at High Noon: The Carl Foreman Documents
Dashiell Hammett. Detective. Writer. An American Masters Special
Desmond Egan: Through the Eyes of a Poet
Dickens' Secret Lover
Digital Renaissance: Imaging the Iliad
Disability Culture Rap
Early Stories of John McGivern
Edward James: Builder of Dreams
Elbert Hubbard: An American Original
An Electronic Conversation with George Ella Lyon
Elie Wiesel: First Person Singular
Erick Hawkins: Killer of Enemies: The Divine Hero
Ernest J. Gaines: Louisiana Stories
An Evening with Nikki Giovanni
The Everlasting Stream
Expedition Florida: Wild Alachua
Experiencing Shakespeare Electronic Field Trip
Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers
For My People: The Life and Writings of Margaret Walker
From This Valley Airs: 12/28
Gift of the Game
God's Trombones
Grace Metalious and Peyton Place
Harriet Van Meter: A Life Extraordinary
Hemingway in Cuba
Hollywood Screenwriters and Their Craft
Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana
Hot Fun in the Summertime
Hymnody of Earth
I'm in the Truth Business: William Bradford Huie
James Still's River of Earth Airs: 1/11, 1/12, 12/24, ...
James Thurber: The Life and Hard Times
Jesse Stuart Airs: 12/13
Joann Sfar Draws from Memory
John Irving: In His Own Words
José Martí: Legacy of Freedom
Josiah Allen's Wife: The Story of Marietta Holley
Journey of the Heart—The Life of Henri Nouwen
J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of the Rings
Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening
Last Will. & Testament
The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg, an American Masters Special
The Lives of Lillian Hellman: An American Masters Special
Living by Words
The Magic Never Ends: The Life and Work of C.S. Lewis
Mailer on Mailer, an American Masters Special
Making News Quiz
Man Ray: Prophet of the Avant-Garde, an American Masters Special
The Man Who Had Everything
Many Lovers of Jane Austen
May Sarton, Woman of Letters
Mondays at Skimmilk: 30 Years of Writers at Work
The Mythology of Star Wars with George Lucas and Bill Moyers
Omnibus: Iris Murdoch
Paperback Dreams
Passion and Discipline: Don Quixote's Lessons for Leadership
Peter Matthiessen: No Boundaries
Poetic License
Poetry Workshop
Polis Is This: Charles Olson and the Persistence of Place
Pride and Prejudice: Having A Ball
Reading Rocks
Reading Strategies in Action
The Real Mary Poppins
The Reconstruction of Asa Carter
Reflections of a Bone Hunter
Renascence: Edna St. Vincent Millay, Poet
Reynolds Price: Clear Pictures
Rod Serling: Submitted for Your Approval, an American Masters Special
Rumi: Poet of the Heart
Rumi: Poet of the Heart (Pbs)
Russia's Open Book: Writing in the Age of Putin
Seeking 1906
She Wrote 'My Friend Flicka'
Silas House - Visiting Author Airs: 12/14, 12/15
The Source: The Story of the Beats and the Beat Generation, an American Masters Special
The Storied Life of Millie Benson
Summer Sun, Winter Moon
Take Joy: The Magical World of Tasha Tudor
Teaching the Short Story
Tell About the South
Thomas Wolfe's Old Kentucky Home
Thumbnail Theatre's Macbeth
to Be Heard
Tom Wolfe Gets Back to Blood
Tony Hillerman's New Mexico
Uncommon Vision: The Life and Times of John Howard Griffin
VillageAmerica: The Calling—Special Edition
Virginia Lee Burton: A Sense of Place
Vis à Vis: Native Tongues
Walker Percy: A Documentary Film
Wallace Stegner
Wendell Berry's The Hurt Man
Wendell Berry's Thoughts in the Presence of Fear Airs: 12/27, 12/31
A Woman Named Joy
Words Like Freedom/Sturdy Black Bridges
Words, Weavings & Song

Episodes in this category:
American Experience
  #1809 Eugene O'Neill

American Masters
  #309 James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket
  #1502 F. Scott Fitzgerald: Winter Dreams
  #1507 Ralph Ellison: An American Journey
  #1608 The Education of Gore Vidal
  #1807 Willa Cather: The Road Is All
  #1808 Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to the Sea
  #2207 Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women
  #2304 Cachao: Uno Mas
  #2503 Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel
  #2504 Harper Lee: Hey Boo
  #2505 The Day Carl Sandburg Died
  #2606 Alice Walker: Beauty In Truth
  #2702 Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton As Himself

Ancient Civilizations
  #104 On the Town

Art to Heart
  #105 Drama and the Literary Arts 1/30, 2/2, 12/2, ...

  #141 James Sherburne 1/5
  #142 Richard Taylor 1/6
  #148 John Robertson 1/14
  #319 Ellie Welt

The Celestial Empire
  #208 The Chinese Language and Literature

Closer to Truth: Science, Meaning and the Future
  #301 Is Science Fiction Science?

  #101 A Mi Raza
  #103 Los Valientes

Connecting with the Arts: A Teaching Practices Library, 6-8
  #101 Revealing Character

Connections with Renee Shaw
  #408 Samantha Thornhill
  #416 bell hooks
  #422 Crystal Wilkinson
  #424 Sheila Williams
  #604 Patricia Smith
  #610 Frank X. Walker
  #619 Bianca Spriggs
  #632 Ricardo Nazario y Colón, Poet
  #642 Two Centuries of Black Louisville
  #702 Adam Banks
  #706 Tananarive Due
  #707 Danzy Senna
  #728 Hope Johnson
  #806 Tara Betts
  #831 Beth Dotson Brown
  #843 Nikky Finney
  #907 Kiki Petrosino
  #921 Kentucky Poet Laureate Frank X Walker
  #1001 Chris Rabb 12/5, 12/7, 12/9, ...
  #1002 Bloggers On Personal Development

Culture Shock
  #101 Born to Trouble: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/The Shock of the Nude: Manet's Olympia

Distinguished Kentuckian
  #104 Everett Moore
  #123 Harry Caudill 12/24, 12/26

Egg: The Arts Show
  #303 Freedom

Evening at Pops
  #2404 John Williams, Yo-Yo Ma, Frank McCourt, and Patti LuPone

The Face of Russia
  #102 The Facade of Power

  #2108 Much Ado About Something

Gardenstory: Inspiring Spaces, Healing Places
  #101 The Garden as Muse

GED Connection
  #112 Nonfiction
  #113 Fiction
  #114 Poetry

Great Museums
  #211 The Library of Congress: Volumes To Speak

Head of the Holler
  #203 Lee Smith

History Detectives
  #109 Sheridan's House/Mark Twain Watch/Prisoner Poem

In the Life
  #1507 The Power of Literacy

In Performance at the Governor's Mansion
  #101 Series Premiere: Showcase of Kentucky Talent
  #201 On the Road at the Center for Rural Economic Development, Somerset
  #203 Holiday Special with Jean Ritchie
  #301 Diverse Cultures
  #402 The Poetry of Jazz/The Jazz of Poetry 11/27
  #501 Spirited Sounds, Tall Tales, and Amazing Grace

Independent Lens
  #402 Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story
  #408 Bird by Bird with Annie: A Portrait of Anne Lamott
  #508 Loaded Gun: Life, and Death, and Dickinson
  #519 Every Child Is Born A Poet: The Life and Work of Piri Thomas
  #628 Brother to Brother
  #706 Race Is the Place
  #719 Trudell
  #1007 Doc
  #1012 Helvetica
  #1120 Blessed Is the Match
  #1304 Deaf Jam

Innerviews with Ernie Manouse
  #301 John Irving
  #313 Bruce Wilkinson
  #713 Karen Armstrong
  #808 Clive Cussler

Ken Burns American Stories
  #107 Mark Twain (Part 1)
  #108 Mark Twain (Part 2)

The Kennedy Center Performing Arts Series
  #401 Telling Stories: Laurence Yep

The Kennedy Center Presents
  #302 Speak Truth to Power

Kentucky Life
  #318 John Fox Jr./Fly-Fishing/Breaks Interstate Park
  #409 Civil War Costumer/Janice Holt Giles/Victorian Homes
  #420 Garlic Farm/Stagecoach/Jesse Stuart
  #515 Harlan Hubbard
  #613 Jerrie Oughton/Don and Sylvia Coffey/Phillip Powell/Elkhorn Creek
  #615 Richard Taylor/Dr. C.C. Howard/William T. Young Library/Heartwood Industries
  #622 Robert Penn Warren/Pennyroyal Museum
  #813 Larkspur Press/GO Women/Sculptor Wyatt Gragg
  #814 Harlan and Anna Hubbard
  #923 David and Lalie Dick/Buffalo Crossing Ranch
  #1007 Fossil Hunting/Broadmoor Gardens/Barbara Kingsolver 12/5
  #1013 Greenbo Lake/Paul and Patricia Ferrell/Kentucky Artisan Heritage Trails
  #1116 Soc Clay/Agate Hunting/International Cuisine 1/30
  #1204 Ray Bridewell/Shannon Lamp Service/Laurien Berenson
  #1211 Jesse Stuart State Nature Preserve/U.S. Marine Hospital/Chalk It Up
  #1217 Wayne Ferguson/Marilynn Pfanstiel/State Nature Preserves Commission
  #1221 Pine Mountain Settlement School/Artcroft/Lexington Farmers' Market
  #1309 Muth's Candy/Stephen Holt/Basketmaking Workshop
  #1403 Sorghum Farm/Angela Bartley/Greenhouse Poetry
  #1406 Jesse Stuart Foundation/Judy Geagley Bears/FIRST Lego League
  #1412 Woody the Wiener Dog/Baseball Player Pat Scott/Chef Bob Perry
  #1505 Buffalo Soldiers Camp/Magee's Bakery/Kentucky Book Fair/Paw Pals
  #1516 Marjorie Sauer/Scottsville/Peonies at Ashland/Mike Guillerman
  #1602 Jesse Stuart/Suits That Rock/Greener Groundz
  #1704 Judah Lowell's Corner Clocks/ McLean County Bridge/Wildflowers Farm Bed and Breakfast/Sweet Owen/Bob Franzini
  #1708 Public Memorials/Carter County Caves/Wooldridge Monuments/Oven Fork Mercantile
  #1713 Teenage Author/Dave Outdoors/Junkyard Pottery
  #11602 Personal Recollections of Jesse Stuart

Kentucky Muse
  #103 Murder, They Wrote
  #104 Coal Black Voices
  #106 A Novel Approach 1/4, 1/5
  #304 Ed McClanahan

Land of the Dragon
  #201 Poetry Fit for a God/Zhuang People's Clothing

Louisville Life
  #107 Edgar Rice Burroughs Collection/Denny Miller/Jerry Abramson/Indian Bead Artist/Kentucky Seafood
  #109 Stage One/Waldorf School/The Healing Place/Jazz and the Spoken Word
  #211 Christmas Collectors/Vince Staten/Henry's Ark/Victor Mature
  #216 Jane Austen Society/Cressman Center Visual Arts Gallery/Carnegie Center for Art & History/Whitney Young Jr./Nana Yaa Asantewaa
  #217 Tom Brokaw/Kirby Gann/Archdiocese of Louisville/Kentucky Crafted: The Market/Center for Women and Families
  #219 Holocaust Education/Squallis Puppeteers/Rauch Planetarium/Multiple Sclerosis Society/The Little Colonel
  #220 ZFX/1974 Tornadoes/Harlan Hubbard/Belle of Louisville/Enid Yandell
  #316 Angela McCormick Bisig/Glassworks/Bakeries/Kentucky Humane Society/Jerry Tolson
  #318 Stephen Rolfe Powell/Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft/Kaden Tower/Hugh Haynie/Gary P. West
  #320 Hal Sparks/Craig Kaviar/Wakefield Scearce Galleries/John E. Kleber/Thomas Jefferson
  #401 D.W. Griffith/Smith-Berry Winery/National Park Service in Ky./Dr. Joseph McGowan/Carmichael's Bookstore
  #402 Susan Reigler/Clifton Nicholson/White City Amusement Park/Mike Heitz/Alley Cat Advocates
  #404 Tori Murden McClure/Abbey of Gethsemani/Southern Baptist Seminary Sesquicentennial/John Gordon/Capriole Goat Cheese
  #412 Alanna Nash/Lisa Marie Varon/Jewish Community Center History/Barbara Day/Flaget High School Alumni
  #426 Liz Curtis Higgs/Chef Timothy Tucker/Louisville Memorial Auditorium/Boone Gardiner Garden Center
  #512 Crossings/Harvey Fuqua/Paul Paletti Gallery/Raoul Cunningham/Sister Bean's Coffee House
  #514 Dan Gediman/Portraits Book/Colonels Baseball/Cathe Dykstra/Margaret's Consignment & Collectibles
  #516 Madpixel Art and Design/Coco's Chocolate Cafe/Hattie Bishop Speed/Jack Trawick/L is for Louisville!
  #701 Jeff Dupre/Guitar Emporium/Bernson's Corner
  #10402 Writer Susan Reigler Celebrates Best of Bluegrass State
  #10404 Tori Murden McClure: Wonder Woman
  #10412 Award-winning Writer Scribes Successfully From Her Kentucky Home
  #10416 Chef Nancy Makes Cooking Healthy, Safe for Kids
  #10421 Voice-Tribune
  #10426 Books and Blessings: The Life of Author Liz Curtis
  #10506 Louisville TV History
  #10512 Crossings By Father Clyde Crews
  #20401 Louisville's Neighborhood Bookstore
  #20421 Old Louisville Resident Immortalized Community in Bestseller
  #20516 L Is for Louisville!
  #20522 Spirit on the Water
  #30601 Kentucky Book Fair
  #40412 Resolving to Live Healthier
  #40415 Ricky L. Jones: Professor, Author, Columnist
  #40417 Covering a Crisis: Courier-Journal Reporter Chris Kenning on Haiti
  #40426 Louisville Free Public Library
  #40508 Connecting Families Through Learning
  #40511 Louisville's Freedom Hall
  #40603 Food Expert Shares Local Faves
  #50423 Hiking Book Captures Natural Beauty of Louisville

  #2402 Silas House

Miller Center Forums
  #705 Jennifer Burns - Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right

The Nobel Legacy
  #101 How Do You Feel, Mr. Jacobs?

Odysseys & Ovations
  #102 Atlantic Canada
  #107 Potpourri: Tenerife, Barbados; Portland, Maine
  #109 New York 2001 Special
  #206 Tahiti

One to One
  #107 Wade Hall
  #111 Hap Houlihan/Shannon Wilson
  #127 Walt Harrington
  #201 Bob Hill
  #221 Sue Grafton
  #229 H.R. Stoneback
  #310 T.J. MacGregor
  #318 Steve Flairty
  #343 Fontaine Banks Jr./Sidney Saylor Farr
  #409 Andre Dubus III
  #427 Squire Babcock
  #430 George Will
  #432 A Tribute to James Baker Hall
  #443 A.J. Jacobs/Christine Miller/Kenn Parks
  #444 John Grogan
  #504 Tori Murden McClure
  #509 Jim Tomlinson
  #522 Jeff Biggers
  #529 Katerina Stoykova-Klemer
  #536 Sue Halpern
  #542 Steve Flairty
  #543 Sena Jeter Naslund
  #546 Erin Cox
  #601 Craig Buthod
  #605 Loyal Jones
  #613 Andre Dubus III
  #615 Sen. Rand Paul
  #629 James Fallows
  #631 Bob Woodward 12/26
  #632 Mark Wilson
  #633 Bill Ellis
  #635 Maureen Morehead
  #639 Dr. Gary L. Gregg II
  #641 Bob Edwards
  #706 Nikky Finney 1/2
  #714 Gary Agee
  #717 Wayne Onkst and Malbert Smith
  #719 Dr. Morris Grubbs
  #803 Janna McMahan 1/14
  #812 Elena Passarello
  #832 Jill McCorkle 1/20
  #841 Sena Jeter Naslund 1/26
  #843 Kevin Smokler 1/28
  #924 Karen Mann
  #925 Roy Hoffman
  #926 Jason Howard

  #1612 What I Want My Words To Do to You
  #1807 In the Realms of the Unreal
  #2504 Guilty Pleasures

The Power of Ideas
  #112 The Power of Chicana Fiction
  #207 A Conversation with a Nobel Laureate
  #217 Native American Voice
  #221 Sherman Alexie and Indian Identity
  #310 Why We Write

Scully (The World Show)
  #1216 Lord Black of Crossharbour
  #1226 Bob Rae
  #1244 Frank McCourt
  #1302 John Blundell

Speaking Freely
  #112 Judy Blume
  #415 Jim Bouton
  #443 Arthur Laurents

Standard Deviants TV
  #101 Shakespeare Origins
  #113 Hamlet
  #114 Romeo and Juliet
  #121 The Write Stuff
  #201 King Lear
  #207 Macbeth
  #214 Othello
  #222 Angles Untangled

Take on the South
  #102 What was the Most Influential Southern Novel of the 20th Century?

Today's Life Choices
  #1412 I Am Woman: Voices of Power

True Lives
  #205 A Litany for Survival: The Life and Work of Audre Lorde

Uncommon Knowledge
  #802 Does Orwell Matter? George Orwell

The Unfinished Nation
  #119 Voices of Reform

Visiones: Latino Art and Culture
  #101 Episode One
  #105 Episode Five

  #108 Lalo Guerrero: The Original Chicano

A World of Art: Works in Progress
  #102 Guillermo Gómez-Peña

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