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Visual Arts

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Web sites in this category:
Companion site for Art On-Air
Arts Toolkit
Companion site for Electronic Field Trip to the Speed Art Museum
Ellis Wilson Classroom Resources
Companion site for Ellis Wilson—So Much To Paint
History and Appreciation of Visual and Performing Arts
Companion site for Imperial China: The Art of the Horse
Imperial China: The Art of the Horse Teacher's Guide
KET Arts Home Page
Companion site for Looking at Painting
Upcoming Arts Broadcasts

Series in this category:
Albert Paley: In Search of the Sentinel
All About Prints
All About the Renaissance
American Stamps
American Visions
Art History I: A Century of Modern Art
Art History II: A Survey of the Western World
Art in the Twenty-First Century
Art & Music Series
The Art of Teaching the Arts: A Workshop for High School Teachers
Art On-Air
Art Through Time: A Global View
The Artists' World
Arts In Context
Arts & The Mind
Basic Drawing
Basic Painting
The Big A
Cézanne in Provence
Chihuly in the Hotshop
Color World with Gary Spetz
Currier & Ives: Perspectives on America
Defying Gravity: A Historic Achievement in Glass Featuring Josh Simpson
Do Not Go Gently
Emile Norman: By His Own Design
The Face: Jesus in Art
The Great American Quilt Revival
The Great Masters with Charlie Rose
Great Museums: China: West Meets East at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Great Museums: Year of the Museum Specials
How Art Made the World
Hudson River Journeys
The Human Spark
Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop Airs: 1/5, 1/12, 1/19, ...
Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop - Expire
Leonardo's Dream Machines
The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo
Looking at Painting
Masters of Art
Maynard Dixon: To the Desert Again
Multicultural Arts Series
On Detour with Manny Farber
Painting and Travel with Roger and Sarah Bansemer Airs: 1/5, 1/12, 1/19, ...
Painting Taos
Passport & Palette
Picturing Mary
Plein Air: Painting the American Landscape
Posie Paints
The Rape of Europa
Ringling International Arts Festival: A New Tradition
Rockwell Kent
Seeking Art in Shanghai
Simon Schama's Power of Art
Sister Wendy's American Collection
Sister Wendy's Story of Painting
Tattooed Under Fire
Thunder on the Farm
Treasures of the World
Tree Safari: A Sculptural Journey - Expired
Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs
Visual Arts
Winslow Homer: Society and Solitude
A World of Art: Works in Progress

Specials in this category:
2501 Migrants: A Journey
Albert Alcalay: Self Portraits
Albert Paley: Man of Steel
Alchemy in Light
Alexander Calder: An American Masters Special
All the Queen's Horses: The Role of the Horse in British History
American Byzantine
An Angel in the Village
The Art of Crystal Bridges Airs: 1/3
The Art of Quilting
Art of the Wild
The Artist and the Wolves
Artists of the West
Arturo Alonzo Sandoval: The Fabric of Art Airs: 1/4, 1/8, 1/15
As Close As You Dare—Africa
Augustus Saint-Gaudens: Master of American Sculpture
Barnes Collection - PBS Arts
Beautiful Iceland
Becoming Van Gogh
Ben Shahn: Passion for Justice
Bill Moyers in Conversation with Sister Wendy
Blenko: Behind The Scenes
Blenko Handcraft: An American Heart of Glass
Careers in Printing
Carhenge: Genius or Junk?
Casting Faith: A Portrait of Gillian Jagger
A Castle in Every Heart: The Arto Monaco Story
Charles Banks Wilson, Portrait of an American Artist
The Chemo Paintings
Chihuly Fire and Light
Chihuly in Charlotte
Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000
Chihuly Outside Airs: 1/31
Chihuly Over Venice
Clay, Wood, Fire, Spirit: The Pottery of Richard Bresnahan
Conserving a Legacy
Creative Hearts
Da Vinci: The Lost Treasure
David Hostetler: The Last Dance
Degas and the Little Dancer
Drawing Opinions
Drawn to Yellowstone
"Earl Cunningham, The Dragon of St. George Street"
Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey
Edward James: Builder of Dreams
El Arte de Tina Fuentes
Elbert Hubbard: An American Original
The Electronic Canvas
Electronic Field Trip to the Kentucky Center for the Arts
Electronic Field Trip to the Speed Art Museum
Electrum: Science as Art
Ellis Wilson—So Much To Paint
An Essay on Matisse
Everett Raymond Kinstler: An Artist's Journey
Eye of the Beholder: The Artistry of James Hubbell
Feast of the Starving Artists
First Face: The Buck Starts Here
The Floating World: Masami Teraoka and His Art
From the Shadows of the River
Frontier Visionary: George Catlin and the Plains Indians
Gallery: The National Museum of the American Indian
George Segal: American Still Life
Georgia O'Keeffe: The Plains on Paper
Getting My Start in Art
Ginevra's Story
Gronk! A Work in Progress
Handmade in Mexico
Hans Hofmann: Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artist
Hearts of Glass: The Story of Blenko Handcraft
Henri Matisse: Pattern and Paper
Hermitage Masterpieces (Pledge Event)
The Hidden Art of Hollywood
The Highwaymen: Legends of the Road
Hopi Quilts
Humble Beauty: Skid Row Artists
I'm an Artist
Imagining America: Icons of 20th-Century American Art
Imperial China: The Art of the Horse
Imperial China: The Art of the Horse
Impressionists on the Seine
Independent Spirits: The Faith and John Hubley Story
Interpreting Ancient Chinese Fashion
Invisible: Abbott Thayer and the Art of Camouflage
Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence
Isamu Noguchi: Stones and Paper, an American Masters Special
Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World - PBS Arts
John Ruthven: The Art of Life
John Singer Sargent
John Singer Sargent: Outside the Frame
John Tuska: Non Basta Una Vita
Jonathan Green: The Art and Dance
Josef and Anni Albers: Art Is Everywhere
Keeping the Spirit Alive
Leonardo da Vinci
Lidia's Italy: Simple and Delicious Recipes
Life in Print
Light of the Prairie: Stained Glass In South Dakota
Linda Arbuckle: Fresh Color On Pottery
The Line King: The Al Hirschfeld Story, an American Masters Special
Looking at Picasso
Looking for a Face Like Mine
The Lost Gods of Easter Island with David Attenborough
Mad Potter of Biloxi: George E. Ohr
Maestro of Glass: Lino Tagliapietra
Man Ray: Prophet of the Avant-Garde, an American Masters Special
Mary Cassatt: A Brush with Independence
Master of Light: The Life and Watercolors of Rollin Pickford
Matisse & Pacasso
Michelangelo, Restored
Michelangelo: Self-Portrait
Michelangelo's Apollo and Pathos: The Human Form
Monet's Palate - A Gastronomic View from the Gardens of Giverny
Native American Rock Art
Nativity: The Art and Spirit of the Crêche
Neon: Bright Past, Bright Future
New Glass at Wheaton
Norman Rockwell: Painting America, an American Masters Special
One Bite of the Apple: A Portrait of the Artist Edwina Sandys
Out of the Fire: The Art & Science of Ceramics
P. Buckley Moss—The Lady Behind the Brush
The Painted Churches of Texas: Echoes of the Homeland
Painting Bolinas
Picasso Makes Faces
Poetic Dream Space
Power of the Past with Bill Moyers
The Power of the Past with Bill Moyers: Florence
Prairie Quilts Pledge Special
Quilt City USA: For the Love of Fabric
Quiltfest: For the Love of Fabric
Raymond's Portrait
Rediscovery of York
Reflections of a Bayshore Painter: Glenn Rudderow
Renoir to Rothko: The Eye of Duncan Phillips
The Rise and Fall of Impressionism
Rising: The Art and Life of John Waddell
Rivera in America
Robert Rauschenberg: Inventive Genius, an American Masters Special
The Royal Academy
Salvador Dalí
Secrets of the Divine: The Altarpiece of Cuidad Rodrigo
Seth Eastman: Painting the Dakota
Shadows and Reflections: Florida's Lost Peoples
Sister Wendy and the Art of the Gospels
Sister Wendy at the Norton Simon Museum
Sketching the Silk Road
Souvenirs: The Many Worlds of Micky Wolfson
Splendid Splinters—The Armand Lamontagne Story
Statue of Liberty
Still Life with Animated Dogs
Take Joy: The Magical World of Tasha Tudor
Teachings of the Tree People: The Work of Bruce Miller
They Drew Fire
A Thief Among the Angels
Thomas Eakins: Scenes from Modern Life
Through the Eyes of the Sculptor
Thumbnail Theatre's Macbeth
Touch the Earth ... Nils-Udo's Clemson Clay Nest
Touch the Earth ... The Art of Nature-Based Sculpture
Touch the Earth—Brian Rust's 'Earthen Bridge' (Reconstructed)
Tree Safari: The Koa Connection
Tree Safari: A Sculptural Journey
Van Briggle—Art of Clay
Van Gogh's Van Goghs
Vatican City & the Papacy with Burt Wolf
Vermeer: Master of Light
Virginia Lee Burton: A Sense of Place
Walter Anderson: Realizations of an Artist
Willie Cole: Profile of an Artist
Words, Weavings & Song
The World War II Memorial: A Testament to Freedom
Young at Heart

Episodes in this category:
American Experience
  #1404 Mount Rushmore

American Masters
  #1906 Andy Warhol (Part 1)
  #1907 Andy Warhol (Part 2)

Ancient Civilizations
  #104 On the Town

Art to Heart
  #102 Visual Arts 1/9, 1/12

Arts Alive
  #102 Elements of Visual Arts
  #103 Creating Visual Arts

Arts Express
  #110 Line
  #111 Shape and Form
  #112 Space
  #113 Texture
  #114 Light
  #115 Visual Arts
  #120 Synthesis

The Arts in Every Classroom: A Video Library, K-5
  #106 Teaching Visual Art

Best of the Midwest with Dan Kaercher
  #101 Ohio and Indiana

Big Ideas
  #103 A New History of the World

Boomers! Redefining Life After Fifty
  #112 Four Generations: A Family Affair

Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions
  #405 Eastern Switzerland 1/31
  #507 The Shrine at Czestochowa, Poland
  #508 Southwestern France
  #509 Krakow, Poland
  #606 Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  #608 Assisi, Italy
  #703 Vatican City

  #172 Barney Bright

The Celestial Empire
  #207 The Stories of Chinese Fine Art
  #408 Weaving Hope

  #102 Devoted to the Saints
  #104 Luis Jimenez

Connecting with the Arts: A Teaching Practices Library, 6-8
  #105 Making Connections
  #106 Exploring Our Town
  #109 Folk Tales Transformed

Connections with Renee Shaw
  #106 Willie Cole
  #209 Ed Hamilton
  #319 Garry R. Bibbs
  #538 Marjorie Guyon
  #1003 Soreyda Benedit Begley and Chris Begley

Culture Shock
  #101 Born to Trouble: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn/The Shock of the Nude: Manet's Olympia

The Desert Speaks
  #908 I Want That Job! (Part 2)
  #1103 Clay Artists of Mata Ortiz

  #507 San Francisco

Egg: The Arts Show
  #220 What Is the Ideal Woman?
  #236 A Day at the Met
  #302 Eat Me
  #303 Freedom
  #306 The Mysteries of Life Explained for You

The Face of Russia
  #101 The Face on the Firewood

  #205 Graphic Design

Futures II
  #205 Graphic Design

Grannies on Safari
  #101 South Africa—A Country of Cultural Mosaics
  #104 Istanbul—Ancient Crossroads
  #106 Korea—Off the Beaten Path

Great Conversations
  #203 Richard Ellis and Jeff Corwin

Great Museums
  #102 The National Museum of Women in the Arts: A Woman's Touch
  #105 The American Folk Art Museum: American Anthem
  #109 The Morris Museum of Art: The Art of the South
  #112 The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: Art Gets a Start in America
  #207 The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: Collective Vision
  #301 The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York): A World of Art (Part 1)
  #302 The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York): A World of Art (Part 2)
  #401 An Acquiring Mind: Philippe de Montebello and The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Great Performances
  #2604 Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens - A Life In Animation
  #2906 Degas and the Dance

Great Streets
  #102 Venice's Grand Canal with Nathan Lane

The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization, an Empires Special
  #102 The Golden Age

High-Tech Home
  #205 Wired Art

History Detectives
  #104 Portrait of George Washington, Patty Cannon, Trumpet
  #205 Dueling Pistols/Evelyn Nesbit Portrait/Little Big Horn Bayonet
  #208 Bonnie & Clyde/Revolutionary War Poem/Portrait of George Washington
  #305 Portrait of George Washington/Revolutionary War Poem/Revolutionary War Cannon
  #311 Home for Unwed Mothers/Long Expedition Encampment/Evelyn Nesbit Portrait
  #801 Space Exploration
  #806 Korean War Letter/Diana/Lookout Mt. Painting
  #807 St. Valentine's Day Massacre, George Washington Miniature, Stalag 17
  #808 Hot Town Poster/Face Jug/Lost City of Gold

Humanities Connections
  #109 Visual Arts Basics for Teachers
  #110 Visual Arts Basics for Students
  #202 Class Connections: The African Cultural Root (Part 2)
  #205 Class Connections: Greece and Rome (Part 1)
  #206 Class Connections: Greece and Rome (Part 2)

The Humanities: A Content Course for Teachers

I'll Make Me a World
  #103 Bright Like a Sun
  #105 Not a Rhyme Time

Imagine That
  #106 Choices and Specifics

Independent Lens
  #209 In Harm's Way/Carved from the Heart
  #404 Downside Up
  #501 Worst Possible Illusion: The Curiosity Cabinet Of Vik Muniz
  #601 The Political Dr. Seuss
  #804 Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire
  #1101 Herb and Dorothy
  #1214 William S. Burroughs: A Man Within
  #1217 The Desert of Forbidden Art
  #1218 Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

Indique: Untold Stories of Contemporary India
  #105 Indian Style

Inside the Tuscan Hills
  #102 The Chianti and Central Tuscany

Junction 301: Crossroads of Culture & Arts

Ken Burns American Stories
  #101 The Statue of Liberty
  #111 Thomas Hart Benton

Kentucky Author Forum Presents
  #402 A Conversation with David Hockney

Kentucky Life
  #104 Jeanne Dueber/Bluegrass Museum/Derby Museum/Kingdom Come
  #105 Mountain Homeplace/Miles Hart/Abbey of Gethsemani/LaVon Williams/Pennyrile State Park
  #109 Rebekka Seigel/Coal Mining Museum/Rodney Hayes/Fort Boonesborough
  #111 Paducah/Fantastic Fibers/Wigwam Village/Agriculture Expo
  #115 Woodworkers/Tank Training/Antiques/Gloria Thomas/Maceo Mural
  #202 Woodworker/Cuba Cubs/Wicker Furniture/Unity Wear/Big Bone Lick
  #204 John Tuska/Marbles/Iron Furnaces
  #208 Glassmaker/Ed Hamilton/Quilting/McCreary County Arches
  #209 Swinging Bridges/Scouting Field Day/Sam Gilliam
  #301 Barney Bright/Big Bone Gardens/Cane Ridge Revival
  #302 Buggies/Paducah Mural/Asbury Olympians/First Lady Dolls
  #305 Riverlorian/Michael Scop/Governor's Scholars/Antique Farm Equipment
  #306 Star Theater/Helen LaFrance/Ashland
  #315 D'Maria Family/Deafestival/Sand Sculptor
  #404 Drummer Boy/Wooden Kentucky/Terrapin Creek
  #408 Andy Garrison/Alan Lommasson
  #415 Pat McNeese/John Arrasmith/Newsom's Old Mill Store
  #418 Outhouse Olympics/Mitchell Tolle/Sunflower Farm
  #421 David Jones/Arturo Sandoval/Bad Branch
  #422 Abraham Lincoln Bust/Mary Todd Lincoln House/Craft Marketing
  #426 Doe Run Inn/The Musical Hamblins/Summer Art Camp
  #501 Ricky Skaggs/Iron Works/Rich Griendling
  #505 Ron and Janice Owens/Tom T. Hall
  #512 Tandem Skydiving/Brian Weidlich/Land Between the Lakes History
  #517 Larkspur Press/Malcolm Grear/Trail Riding
  #520 Jeanne Dueber/Furniture Design/Dippin' Dots
  #606 Paul Sawyier
  #607 Tilghman Heritage Center/Daniel Boone Forest Archaeology/John Ward/Lake Cumberland
  #611 Bill Monroe's Hometown/Antique Cars/Catherine Smart Wells
  #613 Jerrie Oughton/Don and Sylvia Coffey/Phillip Powell/Elkhorn Creek
  #614 Crazy Quilts/Tattoo Museum/Cave Painter/Dawson Springs
  #621 Joe Downing/Church Steeples/Miniature Horses
  #701 Gary Akers/Bomber Pilot/Kentucky Youth Chorus
  #702 Wickliffe Mounds/Horse Mania/Jefferson County Memorial Forest
  #703 Family Reunion/Tommy Clark/Jeannie Spears/Debbie Tuggle
  #706 Yardbirds/Blacksmith/Space-Age Design/Clark's River NWR
  #707 Sculptor/Basketmaker/Treasure Hunt
  #710 Blue Licks Battlefield/Peter Eichhorn/Hydroponic Strawberries
  #713 Larry Elmore/Crafters' Co-Op/Middlesboro Golf Course
  #721 Monroe County/Ed Hamilton
  #722 Minds Wide Open/Hickman
  #723 Fly-Fishing/Eagleswings/Jay Bolotin
  #801 Alpine Motel/Italian Stonemasonry/Bagpiper
  #803 Overbrook Tapestry/Jenny Wiley
  #806 Native American Flutes/Walking Sticks/Watercolors
  #807 Wood Sculptor/Louisville Science Center/Runaway Slave Drama
  #812 Strickler's Stained Glass/Artist Erika Kaiser/Kentucky Down Under
  #813 Larkspur Press/GO Women/Sculptor Wyatt Gragg
  #814 Harlan and Anna Hubbard
  #815 Hawksview Gallery/Ron Thomas/Wild Cave Tour
  #818 William Whitley House/Art at Bernheim/Eagle Watching
  #819 Aerial Photographer Bill Fortney/Wildlife Artist Ray Harm
  #820 Dinwiddie Lampton Jr./Ornamental Concrete/Joe Petro
  #821 Northern Kentucky Special
  #823 Salina Ramsay/Jason Kelty/Georgetown Museum
  #905 Stephanie Townsend/Emma Reno Connor Black History Gallery/Kinniconick Creek
  #908 Glassworks/John and Mary Loeser/Simply Oaxaca
  #912 WWII Nurse/Schimpff's Confectionery/Wooden Hats
  #914 Aromescence/Marengo Cave/Painter Dan Dutton
  #916 Schwartz's Countryside Bake Shop/Living Arts and Science Center/Powered Parachute
  #917 Park Mammoth Resort/Pumpkin Alley/Day of the Dead/Land Between the Lakes
  #918 Photographer Chuck Summers/Sculptor Jeff Underwood/Maysville Bridge
  #919 ROTC Training/Cave City Farmers' Market/Artist Debbie Joplin/Wild Horse Adoption
  #920 Carving Carousel Horses/Soap Maker/Stearns Coal History/Artist Barbara Stallard
  #921 Kentucky Music Hall of Fame/Raven Run/Sculptor Paul Fields
  #922 Pisgah Church/Artist Martin Rollins/Rogers Scholars
  #1001 McLean River Towns/Dinosaur World/Andee Rudloff 11/26
  #1002 Ruby Pearl Felix/Failte Irish Imports/Mark Whitley 11/28
  #1013 Greenbo Lake/Paul and Patricia Ferrell/Kentucky Artisan Heritage Trails
  #1014 Rudy Ayoroa/Lincoln Library and Museum/Mammoth Cave 12/29
  #1015 The Streckers/Lincoln Trails Honey Farm/Raymond Klass 12/30
  #1016 Paralympic Fencing Team/Mitchell Rickman/Kentucky Reptile Zoo 12/31
  #1019 Garden Club of Kentucky/Colonial House Furniture/W.T. Stinson 1/5
  #1102 Ultralight Instructor/Dobree Adams/Miniature Toys 1/13
  #1103 GlitterBug Glass/Tygarts Creek/Babe Ruth Bat 1/14
  #1105 Louisville Blues/Bull Riders/Garry Bibbs 1/16
  #1107 Bauer's Candies/Appalachian Artisan Center/Wheeler's Pharmacy 1/20
  #1109 Floracliff Nature Sanctuary/Howard Steamboat Museum/Tim Lewis 1/22
  #1113 Pinecliffe Gardens/Bybee Pottery/Camp Nelson 1/27
  #1115 Dan Barnes/Charline Marrinan/Elephant Trainer/Carroll Sanders 1/29
  #1202 River Heritage Museum/Kentucky Down Under/LaVon Williams/Air Dogs
  #1204 Ray Bridewell/Shannon Lamp Service/Laurien Berenson
  #1205 Yatesville Lake/Damon Farmer/Asphalt Institute/Natcher Strings
  #1212 Belle of Louisville/Kizito Cookies/Headley-Whitney Museum/Elsie Harris
  #1213 Riverview at Hobson Grove/Kik Associates/Paint-n-Place/Lake Barkley
  #1214 Smith-Berry Winery/Karen Scates/Woodford County Theatrical Arts Association
  #1217 Wayne Ferguson/Marilynn Pfanstiel/State Nature Preserves Commission
  #1218 Old Friends Racehorse Retirement/Tapestry Artist/Heartland Dulcimer Club
  #1219 Wildwood Inn/Mary Breeden/Big Blue Engineering Project
  #1221 Pine Mountain Settlement School/Artcroft/Lexington Farmers' Market
  #1302 Dean Hill/Sally Brown Nature Preserve/Guy Kemper
  #1303 Science Hill Female Academy/Julie May/Apple Patch
  #1309 Muth's Candy/Stephen Holt/Basketmaking Workshop
  #1312 Redwood/Erika Strecker and Tony Higdon/Troy Jones
  #1314 Dry Fork Gorge/Kittawa Sprangs/Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen
  #1316 Purple People Bridge/Thai Fruit Carver/Russ Faxon
  #1325 Rough River/Laverne Zabielski/Dovie's Restaurant
  #1401 Cox Hardware/Ken Roberts/Henry's Ark
  #1402 Luci Center/Model Airplanes/Papermaker/Kentucky Ridge State Forest
  #1407 Yew Dell Gardens/Tom Pfannerstill/Frankfort Habilitation
  #1411 Short's Goldenrod/Muralist Carole Jackson-Powell/Woodland Dog Paddle
  #1414 Sam McKinney/Traditional Fiddlers
  #1417 Arboretum Birdhouses/Thompson Enamel/J.P. and Annadeene Fraley
  #1421 Michler's Florist/Snug Hollow Farm and Country Inn/Sculptor Marie-Elena Ottman
  #1423 Big Bugs/Glassblower Michelle Weston/Jordan Leigh
  #1428 Daniel and Amy Carwile/Bill Brumm/Heirloom Tomatoes
  #1504 Evergreen Maze/Adairville/Dahl & Groezinger Scrap/Cricket Press
  #1606 The Great American Dollhouse Museum/Uniontown Food Mart/Carnegie Community Arts Center/Rex Robinson
  #1607 KaLightoscope Christmas/Cave Sing at Mammoth Cave/Nativity Display in Maysville/Berry in Harrison County 12/20, 12/21, 12/22, ...
  #1610 Rudy Medlock/Ferrell's Hamburgers/Lera Williams/Western Ky. African American Heritage Museum
  #1616 Dave Goes to the Ky. Derby/Campbellsville/Latonia Race Track/Lexington Fashion Collaborative
  #1703 Dave Does It/Today's Special/Glass Artist William Van Tassel/Lewis County Quilt Trail
  #1706 Artist Deward Eades/West Liberty/Banjo Bill/Paleontologist Dr. Rick Toomey
  #1808 Lucille Sharp/Crittenden-Our Town/Northern Kentucky Fort Towns/Trent Altman
  #1901 Bardstown/Kenton Co. Markers/Doc Shuffett/Kathleen O'Brien 11/30, 12/2, 12/5, ...
  #1907 Pennyroyal Scuba Blue Springs Resort; Daviess Co. Marker; Ken Swinson Art; Festival of the Bluegrass
  #1914 Tami Booher; Bodley-Bullock House; Downtown Shelbyville; Robert Vannevel
  #1916 The Great Saltpetre Cave; Cardome Marker; Black Bear; Billy Ray's - Today's Special; Kentucky Cotton Industry
  #11516 Marjorie Jordan-Sauer
  #11606 The Great American Dollhouse Museum
  #11610 Rudy Medlock - Potter

Kentucky Muse
  #101 Master of Still Life: Mary Ann Currier
  #105 Ellis Wilson—So Much to Paint 1/18, 1/19
  #201 Fire and Motion
  #303 Joe Molinaro: Hands in Clay
  #401 Painting with Glass
  #603 Dale Daniel Leys: Drawing Life

Kentucky: Place and Spirit
  #101 Creative Expression

Kentucky Time Capsule
  #111 Knee High to a Sculpture 3/29, 4/1, 12/21, ...

Land of the Dragon
  #204 Guardians of Di Opera/From Mao Suits to Miniskirts
  #205 Tibetan Hands Shaping Stone/Returning Home for the New Year
  #210 The Talented Liu Family/Clinging to Home
  #504 Peking Opera Costumes
  #505 Shaanxi Paper Cutters
  #511 Wu Family's Tea Pot Kiln/Sunny Sisters
  #513 Story of a Tibetan Painter/Stone Village Wedding
  #612 Wu Weishan, Master Sculptor/His Ties to Porcelain

Louisville Life
  #101 Jonathan Wolff/Louisville Underground/St. James Court Art Show/Parks Project/Conrad-Caldwell House
  #107 Edgar Rice Burroughs Collection/Denny Miller/Jerry Abramson/Indian Bead Artist/Kentucky Seafood
  #111 Holiday Memories/Managing Chronic Disease/Art Sparks/Metro Health/Happy Birthday Song
  #112 Barney Bright Clock/Girl Scouts/Louisville Slugger Museum/Convention and Visitors Bureau/1937 Flood
  #113 Hand Surgeons/Bike Racks/Photo Books/Debbie Scoppechio/Bluegrass Cooperage
  #114 The Incredible Inman/Farmington/School of Rock/Kevin W. Cosby/Fontaine Fox
  #116 Volunteering/Derby Dinner Playhouse/DinnerWorks/Kentucky Center for African American Heritage/YMCA Black Achievers
  #119 John Mellencamp/Flock of Finns/Geek Squad/Diane McGraw/Louisville Zoo
  #208 Humana Building/Peace Education Program/The Henry Clay/Julie May/George Rogers Clark
  #212 Elvis Costumes/Howard Steamboat Museum/Mary Ann Currier/Muhammad Ali/Girl Scouts
  #214 Louisville Leopard Percussionists/WNAS/Pro-Liquitech/Paper Doll Quilts/c d kaplan
  #215 Ed Hamilton/Chef Joe Castro/Coca-Cola Memorabilia/Public Radio Partnership/Louisville Palace
  #216 Jane Austen Society/Cressman Center Visual Arts Gallery/Carnegie Center for Art & History/Whitney Young Jr./Nana Yaa Asantewaa
  #217 Tom Brokaw/Kirby Gann/Archdiocese of Louisville/Kentucky Crafted: The Market/Center for Women and Families
  #225 Hidden Hill Nursery/Mascots/Crosley Radio/Metro Animal Services/Golden Retriever Rescue
  #301 The Kentucky Show/Julius Friedman/WHY Louisville/KET History/Stephen Klein
  #306 Gill Holland/StudioWorks/Camp Zachary Taylor
  #309 Resale Stores/Billy Hertz Gallery/Helen Starr/Thomas Merton
  #319 Wendy Whelan/Louisville Visual Art Association/Muckrackers/David Karem/Charles Farnsley
  #320 Hal Sparks/Craig Kaviar/Wakefield Scearce Galleries/John E. Kleber/Thomas Jefferson
  #425 Music Makes A City/Anne Peabody/Galt House/Elizabeth Kaznak/Glass Art Society Conference
  #518 Swags/Samuel Culbertson Mansion/William Culbertson Mansion/Donna Barton Brothers/Jett Stream Productions
  #711 Casey Hyland/Decca/The Clifton Center - John Harris/Little Eatz
  #713 River City Drum Corp/Nord's Bakery/U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth/Trent Altman
  #714 Why Louisville II/FOX Program/Community Foundation of Louisville - Susan Barry/Pyro Gallery
  #10425 Film Follows Impressive History of Louisville Orchestra
  #10502 Filmmaker Peter Byck
  #10507 Enriches Expression
  #10515 Ka-pow! Louisville Man is Hit as Action Figure Sculptor
  #10520 Young Claymation Creator
  #20410 Equine Sculptor Immortalizes Kentucky Derby Winner Barbaro
  #20414 An Eye for Detail: The Work of Artist Ray Harm
  #20425 Artist Anne Peabody
  #20512 Double Duty
  #20513 From Iraq to America: Visual Artist Vian Sora
  #20604 Louisville Film Society
  #30513 Show Stealer: Louisville's Iroquois Amphitheater
  #30516 Harriet Bishop Speed
  #30602 Promoting Intercultural Communication
  #40410 University of Louisville's Grawemeyer Award Is Legacy of Kentucky Businessman
  #40503 Redefining The Art of Craft
  #40601 Art As Escapism for the Incarcerated
  #50405 Art On Wheels
  #50406 Being Green Is Goal at Merridian Home Furnishings
  #50409 Hawks View Glass Gallery and Cafe
  #50414 Lincoln Elementary: Louisville's Performing Arts Magnet School
  #50415 Fostering Creativity
  #50425 Louisville Is A Hot Spot for Art Glass
  #50514 Kentucky Portrait Painters
  #50517 Metal Artist Richard Kolb

Magnificent Journeys
  #103 From the Outback to Shangri-La

Martin Yan's China
  #105 Pingyao Treasures

National Geographic Specials
  #2005 Inside the Vatican

  #3006 Lost Treasures of Tibet
  #4009 Australia's First 4 Billion Years: Awakening

Nova scienceNOW
  #302 Season 3, Episode 2
  #402 Series 4, Episode 2

Odysseys & Ovations
  #103 Exotic Ports
  #104 Cambridge, Massachusetts
  #106 Halifax, Canada
  #107 Potpourri: Tenerife, Barbados; Portland, Maine
  #110 Lisbon, Antigua, and the Amazon
  #201 New Zealand
  #202 Thailand
  #206 Tahiti
  #208 QE2 and Hawaii

One to One with Bill Goodman
  #432 A Tribute to James Baker Hall

  #1506 Sweet Old Song
  #1807 In the Realms of the Unreal
  #1903 Tintin and I

The Power of Ideas
  #117 Images from Popular Culture
  #219 Artist of the American Landscape

Rare Visions & Roadside Revelations

Reading Rainbow
  #107 Liang and the Magic Paintbrush
  #708 The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush
  #709 Galimoto
  #1210 Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message
  #1502 Unique Monique
  #1505 Two Old Potatoes and Me

Real Science!
  #501 Conservation Close-Up

Rick Steves' Europe
  #109 Rome: Baroque, After Dark

Science in Focus: Shedding Light on Science
  #103 Workshop 3. Pigments, Paint, and Printing

Scully (The World Show)
  #611 Julie Martin and Billy Kluver

Springboard: Exploring the Digital Age
  #105 Tech for Art's Sake

Tony Brown's Journal
  #2601 The Art of Culture

Tracks Ahead
  #503 The Indian Pacific RR
  #510 New Zealand by Rail

True Lives
  #202 Days of Waiting
  #203 Jack Levine: Feast of Pure Reason

The Visionaries
  #1101 American Art—Alive and Well

Visiones: Latino Art and Culture
  #101 Episode One
  #102 Episode Two
  #103 Episode Three

World Museum Classics
  #102 The Art Institute of Chicago: Raphael and Titian: The Renaissance Portrait
  #104 British Museum, London: Gilded Dragons: Buried Treasures from China's Golden Ages
  #105 Harvard University Art Museums, Boston: Investigating the Renaissance
  #110 Dallas Museum of Art: Degas to Picasso: Painters, Sculptors, and the Camera
  #112 The Cleveland Museum of Art: Treasures from the Royal Tomb of Ur
  #113 Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco: Georgia O'Keeffe: The Poetry of Things
  #114 Harvard Art Museums, Boston: Art of Identity: African Sculpture
  #115 The Detroit Institute of Arts: Van Gogh: Face to Face
  #116 The Louvre, Paris: Engravings of Rembrandt
  #120 The Louvre, Paris: The Empire of Time
  #122 The Acropolis, Athens: Historical Antiquities of Greece
  #123 The Provincial Museum of Alberta: Mystical Arts of Tibet
  #124 The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC: The Impressionists at Argenteuil
  #125 Guggenheim Museum SoHo, New York: Andy Warhol: The Last Supper
  #126 The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: Chardin

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