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Cross-reference Halloween with:

Series in this category:
Holiday Table with Chris Fennimore and Emily Luchetti

Specials in this category:
The Bell Witch Legend Airs: 1/30, 12/30
Cincinnati Pops Holiday: Erich Kunzel's Halloween Spooktacular
Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest
The Haunting of Louisiana
The Haunting Tradition Airs: 11/29
Things That Go Bump in the Night

Episodes in this category:
America Sews with Sue Hausmann
  #1213 Happy Seasonal Wall Hanging

Country Basketweaving with Sandy Atkinson
  #510 Pumpkin with Lid

The Creative Life
  #122 Halloween Fun

Donna's Day Starring Donna Erickson
  #137 Ultimate Halloween

Hands On: Crafts for Kids
  #813 Holiday Hang-Ups

Holiday Story Fun for Kids
  #104 Halloween Stories

Holiday Table with Chris Fennimore and DeDe Wilson
  #101 Halloween Haunt (Part 1): Ghoulish Tastings
  #102 Halloween Haunt (Part 2): Pumpkin Fest

Kentucky Life
  #917 Park Mammoth Resort/Pumpkin Alley/Day of the Dead/Land Between the Lakes
  #1506 Kelly Green Men/Hell for Certain/Bardstown Ghost Trek/Bourbon Red Turkeys
  #1807 Louisville Zombie Attack/Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky/Voices of Elmwood/Edgar Cayce

Louisville Life
  #709 Bittners/Brownsboro Hardware/Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt/Louisville Zombie Attack
  #30405 Historic Bridge Honors Louisville Founder
  #40405 Investigating Haunted Louisville

Mrs. Cabobble's Caboose
  #108 Spook in the Pumpkin Patch

My Bedbugs
  #103 Happy Halloween

Seasonings with Dede Wilson
  #216 Celebrate Halloween

Sew Young, Sew Fun
  #311 Creative Easy Costuming

Tartan TV
  #212 Halloween

Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: A Library of Classroom Practices
  #107 Holidays and Seasons

World of Our Own: Kentucky Folkways
  #104 The Culture of Play (Part 2)


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