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Personal Finance

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Series in this category:
2012 College Financial Aid Call-In
Biz Kid$ Airs: 1/4, 1/11, 1/18, ...
College Goal Sunday
The Color of Money
Consuelo Mack WealthTrack Airs: 1/2, 1/9, 1/16, ...
Dollar$ and Sense
The Economics Classroom: A Workshop for Grade 9-12 Teachers
Electric Money
Kentucky Taxes Call-Ins
Money Essentials for Students
Money Moves
Moneywise with Kelvin Boston
Moneywise with Kelvin Boston (Pbs)
Paying for College with the Greenes
Personal Finance & Money Management
Retirement Revolution
Right on the Money
The Road to College: A Financial Aid Primer for Parents and Students
That Money Show
The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman
Understanding Taxes

Specials in this category:
Biz Kid$ -- Three Minutes to Change The World
Credit and Credit Cards
Death and Taxes: An Inside the Law Special
Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times
Financial Insecurity: Facing America's Health Care and Retirement Crisis
How To Survive and Prosper in the World Financial Crisis
In the Checklist of Life
Kids, Cash & Common Sense
Louis Rukeyser's 2000 Money Guide
Louis Rukeyser's 2002 Money Guide
Making Your Fortune Online with Marsha Collier
The Motley Fool Money-Making, Life-Changing Special
Promises To Keep: A Guide to Estate Planning
Savvy Senior
Set for Life
Stay Rich Forever & Ever with Ed Slott
Suze Orman: For the Young, Fabulous & Broke
Suze Orman: Women & Money
Suze Orman's Money Class
To Catch A Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks On America
Your Life, Your Money

Episodes in this category:
American Consumer
  #301 Consumer Economics

Boomers! Redefining Life After Fifty
  #104 Retirement Reconsidered
  #108 Fiscal Fitness

Connections with Renee Shaw
  #305 Home Ownership
  #437 Personal Finance 2.0
  #519 Personal Finance 3.0
  #526 Glinda Bridgforth
  #836 Dana Branham

  #2305 Secret History of the Credit Card

The Great Minds
  #105 Investing with Peter Lynch

Growing Old in a New Age
  #109 Work, Retirement, and Economic Status

In the Mix
  #435 Financial Literacy: On the Money!

Kentucky Author Forum Presents
  #107 A Conversation with Jane Bryant Quinn

Kentucky Health
  #116 Cost of Health Care

Life on the Internet
  #113 Digital Dollars

One to One
  #121 Dave Ramsey
  #236 Matt Fellowes
  #416 Richard Yamarone

Our Space with Jean West
  #211 Renters' Rights and Responsibilities

Real Simple

Scully (The World Show)
  #1314 Erin Arvedlund

Simple Wisdom with Irwin Kula
  #106 Your Money or Your Life

Standard Deviants TV
  #122 Money Basics

Today's Life Choices
  #1510 After the Gold Rush: The Price of Wealth

Tony Brown's Journal
  #2011 Your Money with a Twist
  #2715 How Much Do Blacks Pay for Being Black?

Uncommon Knowledge
  #533 Death and Taxes: The Estate Tax

USDOE Satellite Town Meeting: Education News Parents Can Use
  #170 Paying for College: Think Federal Aid First

Women Leading Kentucky Leadership Series
  #101 Jean Chatzsky

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